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All New Club Penguin Online Codes (April 2021)

Check out an updated and working list of Club Penguin Online Codes 2021.

Are you looking for Club Penguin Codes, you must stop your hunt right now because we will share with you updated and working online codes. Yes, using these updated Codes, you will surely earn a lot of rewards that you are looking for you.

How to use Club Penguin Codes?

What all need to do is to enter the code in the Treasure Book in order to redeem the free rewards, but you should keep in minds the following points:

  • Each code can only be used once.
  • There are certain codes that will provide rewards in the form of a pin

Club Penguin Online Codes 2021 – Active Codes

  • NWARMYCPO –Hiking Backpack, Stealth Tracker and also TIE Fighter Pilot Costume
  • ICEWARRIORS  –Light Blue Face Paint, Silver Roman Helmet and also Light Blue Hockey Jersey
  • DARKWARRIORS  –Dark Electric Guitar, Black Face Paint, Black Roman Helmet and also Black Hockey Jersey
  • GRADUATION  –An exclusive item and also 3,000 coins
  • GOLDSEMPIRE – Golden Shield, Gold Scuba Tank and also Gold Letterman Jacket
  • BOXCRITTERS  – 2,500 coins, Box Critters Pin and also Australian Hat
  • 7MILLION  – 2,500 coins and also 4 items
  • SWATOFCP  – Snowboard helmet, Red Scuba Tank, and also Reed night vision goggles
  • DISCORD200K– 5,000 coins, Flit Hoodie, Cozy Blue Scarf, Discord Pin, Yellow Designer Scarf and also Red Ski Goggles
  • PIRATES – 1,000 coins, Parrot, Pirate Boots, Thunder Blade, Black and red Sailor Shirt, Tricorn Hat, and also Treasure Map Background
  • ROBSTIXCPO  – 2,500 coins, Roblox Pin and also Roblox Hoodie
  • ANNIVERSARY2  – 2,500 coins, 2nd Anniversary Shirt, 2nd Anniversary Sweater and also 2nd Anniversary Lei
  • KIWIICPO  – 5,000 coins, Kiwi Sneakers, Kiwi Costume, Crazy Kiwi Background, and also Kiwi Purse
  • QUEENBADGER – 2,000 coins and also Queen Badger Background

Expired Club Penguin Online Codes

Codes 1/2

  • BIGRILEY1400
  • BIGVALE1400
  • SOCIETY2019
  • 2MILLION900
  • 2MILLION800
  • 2MILLION600
  • 2MILLION500
  • 2MILLION200
  • 2MILLION300

Expired Club Penguin Online Codes

  • 2MILLION400
  • NEWYEAR2019
  • 2MILLION100
  • V1ZDXTY2Z 

Club Penguin Online Codes – Tips

All the Penguin Codes pattern will always be the same, so in the future, you can try on your own.

  • DISCORDx0K: Depends on the number of Discord members, and for every 10.000 new members there is a code available. So the next code will be DISCORD100K
  • 2MILLIONx00: Depends on the number of registered players in the game, and for every 100.000 new members there is a code available. So the next code will be 2MILLION600