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The Closed Door Quest In Tears Of The Kingdom (Complete Guide)

Struggling to complete the Closed Door quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Then, check out our quick main quest walkthrough to progress quickly.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, The Closed Door quests, is very important to complete in the early stages of the game. As it’s a main quest, you’ll not be able to skip it. But while you’re doing it make sure you pay attention to the puzzles. That’s because this quest is not only required to progress in the story but is also an introductory quest. That will help you get a hang of the 3 new abilities available in the game. So without waiting any further, let’s check out what you’ll have to do in this quest.

Disclaimer: The following walkthrough may contain a few spoilers for Zelda TOTK. Go ahead if you are okay with those.

Closed Door Quest Guide for Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Closed Door Quest Guide for Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Shrine Locations
Source Image: WoW Quests

Here your main aim will be to obtain all 3 abilities by completing the 3 Shrines. Those are Ukouh Shrine, In-isa Shrine, & Gutanbac Shrine. By doing that Link will finally get to see what’s behind the Closed Door in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. With that said, check out the quick walk-through mentioned below. To not take the fun out of the game, we’ve not explained every single below and only listed the difficult ones.

  1. First, go ahead and try to open the Temple of Time door to summon Rauru and initiate the quest.
  2. Next, go to the first Shrine, which is Ukouh Shrine. All the shrines can be identified by a big boulder with a greenish-blue Aura.
  3. As soon as you enter the shrine you’ll get the Ultrahand ability, which you have to use to solve the puzzle.
  4. This ability can be used to create new things, structures, and even vehicles.

    ultrahand ability puzzles totk
    Source Images: WoW Quests
  5. For now use it to make plank bridges, ziplines, & rafts to reach the second shrine, i.e. In-isa Shrine.
  6. After entering In-isa Shrine, you’ll get the second ability, Fuse aka Ability to Combine.
  7. Here first, fuse your sword with a boulder to break locked doors and fuse arrows with Fire fruit to obtain unreachable chests.

    fuse ability puzzles tears of the kingdom Closed door quest
    Source Image: WoW Quests
  8. Explore the area, fight enemies, and exit the shrine.
  9. Now you’ll have to reach the third shrine Gutanbac Shrine. That is the final requirement to complete the Closed Door Quest in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).
  10. However, before reaching it, you’ll have to make your way through Mining Cave, Pit Cave, where you’ll find some Cold Resistance Food.
  11. Keep moving further through the cold by fighting enemies you find in your way.
  12. And interact with the boulder again to enter the Gutanbac Shrine, where you’ll get the Ascend ability aka Ability to Rise.

    ascend ability puzzles totk
    Source Images: WoW Quests
  13. Use it to climb and phase through Blocks.
  14. And keep opening your chest until you get the Stone Axe.
  15. After that, you’ll again have to phase through some moving platforms to reach the exit of the Gutanbac Shrine.
  16. Once you do, don’t forget to take the Cold Resistance Gear, Archaic Warm Greaves from the huge tree on your right.
  17. After that make your way to the Wing Device, which looks like a bird.
  18. And ride it to head back to the Temple of Time to open and see what’s behind the Closed Door. If you’re struggling with the puzzles, then take a look at the video mentioned below.

And that’s how you can complete the Closed Door Quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). If you’re wondering if there’s a fourth ability, then the answer is yes. Here’s how to unlock the Autobuild ability in Zelda TOTK. Also, check out how to Fast Travel in the game.