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Cleanse The Tanks And Escape Secret Gnome Challenges In Fortnite Season 4

Know how to complete these hidden Gnome quests that will get you lots of XP!

Fortnite has two hidden quests that you need to complete to earn 20,000 XP in total. For this purpose, you must visit Slurpy Swamp. So, if you want to know how to complete the cleanse tanks and escape secret gnome challenges, this guide will help you out. You will find the exact location where you have to drop and the things you have to do to earn some easy XP. Let’s begin!


Fortnite Cleanse Tanks And Escape Hidden Gnome Challenges – Where To Complete

So, first you need to head to Slurpy Swamp on the Fortnite map which is a named location.This is where you can find it on the map.


It is located to the northeast of The Fortilla and to the south of Weeping Woods. Once you are in Slurpy Swamp, you need to go to the building which has a barrel on top of it. Head inside and you will spot some liquid (Slurpy juice?) in containers. To complete the ‘Cleanse tanks’ Fortnite challenge, you have to stand in each of the containers. That’s it. The color of the liquid will change as you stand in it which means that it is getting cleansed.


Now, onto the second hidden gnome challenge and that is all about escaping. After you come out of the container, you need to find a gnome placed near a damaged wall next to the containers. When you approach it, it will make an escape by flying off like a rocket, thereby helping you complete the escape secret gnome challenge.



This is how to complete the Cleanse Tanks and Escape secret Gnome challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. For each of these tasks you get 10,000 XP which is a pretty easy way to earn it.

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