Witch Shack Locations: Where to find a Witch’s Broom in Fortnite

There are six Witch Shack locations in Fortnite.

There are nine challenges in Fortnite’s Holloween event ‘Fortnitemares’ that you can complete and earn plenty of in-game rewards. After explaining how to become a Shadow in Fornite, we have come up with yet another guide on where to find Witch’s broom in Fornite (it is one of nine Fortnitemares challenges).

Finding a Witch’s Broom is a part of the challenge to travel one hundred meters on a Witch’s Broom. Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide.

Where to find a Witch’s Broom in Fortnite

You can get Witch’s Broom inside of barrels, which is located outside the Witch’s Huts. Like fishing rod barrels, you will have to interact with it to get the item to drop. You will see it’s a Mythics item, giving you the ability to fly and glide through the air.

Now, you need to press right-click to make yourself launch you into the sky. It would be better to do this from the top of a mountain because you will have to travel almost 100 meters. Once you launched into the air, you will be able to glide to your desired location. Notably, once you landed, you would not be able to activate the broom again for the next twenty seconds.

There are various Witch’s Hut located throughout the map but you should refer the below image for a few example locations. In summary, you need to look for a spooky wooden shack near any point of interest. There you will see a cauldron and a barrel with the Witch’s broom.

Witch Shack Locations in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares 2020

Fortnitemares Witch Shack Locations guide

Currently, there are six Witch Shack locations in Fortnite. It is likely that you will have to visit these Witch Shack locations more than once to locate a broom.

Shack 1 – South of Slurpy Swamp

The first Witch Shack is located on the South of Slurpy Swamp, where you might find a Witch.

Shack 2 – Northwest of Lazy Lake

The second Witch Shake can be found on the Northwest of Lazy Lake.

Shack 3 – Southeast of Catty Corner

In the far southeast corner of the map, past Catty Corner, you will be able to discover yet another Witch Shack with an oceanfront view.

Shack 4 – West of Sweaty Sands

You need to head over to the west of Sweaty Sands to discover another Witch Shack in Fortnite.

Shack 5 – North of Doom’s Domain

The most accessible location is North of Doom’s Domain. Look for the cauldron for the barrel with the Witch Broom.

Shack 6 – West of Salty Springs

The last and sixth location is west of Salty Springs and you can find the barrel with the Witch Broom outside next to the spooky looking tree.