How To Unlock & Clean Aquarium In Jedi Survivor

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In Star Wars Jedi Survivor you’ll come across a big Aquarium like Fish Tank that you must clean. This Fish Tank is located on the upper floor of the Pyloon’s Saloon in Koboh and can only be accessed once you rescue Zee. If you’re already done with that, then head up the stairs and take a look at the tank. However, cleaning up the fish tank will not be that easy and will require additional help from a mysterious fisherman. With that said, let’s see what exactly you’ll have to do in order to complete this task & obtain the corresponding achievement.

How Can I Clean the Aquarium in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Recruit the mysterious fisherman Skoova to clean the Aquarium in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Picture Credits: Gamerpillar

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you’ll have to add 12 fish to the Aquarium in order to make it clean & pristine. For that, you don’t have to start fishing, and simply recruit Skoova Stev, the fisherman that’ll help you out in this task. Finding this little fisherman is part of a Rumor known as Recruit the mysterious fisherman. That can be triggered by interacting with the locals near the fish tank or speaking with the Koboh Prospector at Nekko Pools. After taking on the Rumor, head to Foothill Falls to find & recruit Skoova Stev. If you are having trouble tracking him down, then scroll for directions.

  1. First, exit the Pyloon’s Saloon located in Rambler’s Reach outpost.
  2. And beside the saloon, you’ll see a ramp-like path shown in the image below.

    How To Unlock & Clean Aquarium In Jedi Survivor
    Source Image: Gamerpillar
  3. After that, keep heading up until you hit an intersection, where you must take a right.
  4. Once you turn right, keep heading down and take the zipline to enter Foothill Falls. This is the same zipline you have to take to Investigate the Abandoned Shack rumor.
  5. After entering the area, on your left, you’ll see a small boat and Skoova Stev, the mysterious fisherman.
  6. Simply interact with him and after some dialogues, you’ll be able to recruit him.
  7. While you’re there, interact with Skoova again to obtain See Fish, the first fish that you can add to your Fish tank to clean it.

Similarly, keep interacting with Skoova Stev at different locations to collect the rest of the fish required to clean the Aquarium in Jedi Survivor. As the game doesn’t explains that much about the locations we’ll help you out with it. Below we have mentioned all the Aquarium Fish that you can catch & add to the fish tank.

List of 12 Aquarium Fish Locations in Jedi Survivor

  1. See Fish: It is the very first fish that you can collect after interacting with Skoova at Foothill Falls, once you’re done recruiting him.
  2. Fingertip Garpon fish: Can be caught at the river in Rambler’s Reach Outpost.
  3. Barbed Hookfish: Found at the Smuggler’s Tunnels near a large pond. Players can access this area by going through the Pyloon’s Saloon basement.
  4. Frilled Newt fish: Go to Gorge Crash Site in Koboh. And a little further from the area’s Meditation Point you’ll see Skoova and his boat.
  5. Blue Finned Crayfish: Can be found near the Meditation Point of Bygone Settlement Region.
  6. Big Mouth Faa: Head to Rift Passage Meditation point in Koboh. And there you’ll spot Skoova’s Boat near a small pond.
  7. Blinding Ray Fish: Head to the Devastated Settlement area in Koboh. And go near the small pool to find the fisherman you’re looking for.
  8. Snakefish: Go to Arid Flats Meditation Point in Jedha and look near the small pond.
  9. Fantailed Laa: Head to the Crypt of Uhrma in Jedha and go near the pond. That can only be accessed by solving a puzzle.
  10. Glottsamcrab: Head to Viscid Bog in Koboh and move towards the central island to find Skoova.
  11. Viscid Lurker: Go to Phon’qi Caverns in Koboh and head into the gap near the orange acidic plants. And after moving further you’ll find the mysterious fisherman
  12. Mee Fish: Head to Mountain Ascent in Koboh and ensure you have the Merrin’s Charm required for accessing the area. Once done, look near the small waterfall and you’ll be good to go.

Once you’re done, interacting with Skoova in all the mentioned locations you’ll have the fishes you need. Simply head to the Pyloon’s Sloon and add them to the fish tank to complete the task receive Skoova Diving achievement.

That sums up all about how you can find recruit the mysterious fisherman and clean the Aquarium in Jedi Survivor easily. If you want to improve your combat style then check out the how to unlock more perks in the game. Also, know more about how you can get the Red Sith Lightsaber easily.

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