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Best Lost Ark Class Engravings & How To Get?

Read this guide to learn all about the best Lost Ark Class Engravings.

Class Engravings are unique trait triggers that can be rather confusing to understand in Lost Ark. You will be able to access this complex world once you get past level 50 in the game. Engravings are quite important, as they help you achieve amazing endgame builds. However, considering how tricky and complex they can be to understand for the uninitiated player, chances of messing up Class Engravings is quite common. To help ease this dilemma, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you the best Lost Ark Class Engravings as well as how to get rare engravings in Lost Ark.

Best Lost Ark Class Engravings & How to Get?



To get Class Engravings in Lost Ark, you need to first reach level 50. Only after you do so will you be able to access and use engravings in the game to help develop your endgame builds.

Deadeye Class Engravings in Lost Ark


  • Pistoleer – As the name suggests, this particular class engraving in Lost Ark enables you to deal greater damage with weapons. You will be able to use the Handgun Stance along with Stagger Damage, Awakening Skill Damage, and Handgun Skill Damage.
  • Enhanced Weapon – This class engraving adds 3 Power Nodes Point to Enhanced Weapons when you equip it.

Paladin Class Engravings in Lost Ark

  • Awakening – The Awakening Engraving in Lost Ark reduces your Awakening cooldown by 50%. It also doubles your shielding potential. Additionally, you will also receive extra Identity Skill Charge. This means that you will now have more healing buffs.
  • Blessed Aura – With the Blessed Aura, you receive the ability to heal your Identity Skill. At level 3, you can also heal 2% of the maximum health in an interval of 1.5 seconds. Your party receives a 20% Damage Reduction Buff.
  • Specialist – The Specialist Engraving helps boost the process of healing and shielding. Your friends under 50% will receive better healing and shielding too.
  • Spirit Absorption – Spirit Absorption enhances your attack and movement speed.
  • Heavy Armor – Heavy Armor helps enhance the strength of your defense.
  • Master Fencer – With Master Fencer, you receive uptime on Identity Skills at level 1.
  • Vital Attack – This engraving increases your Stagger Damage.


Berserker Engraving

  • Mayhem – Mayhem is a great engraving to use for the Berserker. Once you equip this engraving, you will receive 3 Power Nodes Point to Mayhem.

Sorceress Engraving


  • Igniter – The Igniter offers huge bursts with immense cooldown reduction.
  • Reflux – When compared with the Igniter, the Reflux offers significantly fewer burns. However, it does offer more consistent DPS.

Bard Engraving


  • Awakening – Level 3 allows you to reduce cooldown time for the Awakening by 50%. This results in a greater number of shields and extra healing buffs.
  • Urgent Rescue – Urgent Rescue gets you an extra 24% of Healing capabilities upon reaching level 3.
  • Heavy Armor – Considering how soft and squishy the Bard class is in Lost Ark, the Heavy Armor proves to be quite the boon.
  • Specialist – Specialist enhances your healing abilities along with your shield. This engraving works even better when you are low on health.
  • Spirit Absorption – Spirit Absorption is great for low swiftness. However, this is not a necessary class engraving if you already possess enough swiftness.
  • MP Recovery Increase – This class engraving is great if you are using a swiftness build.

Deathblade Engraving

  • Burst – Burst allows you to have up to 150% more burst damage. It also gets you a 100% Identity Gauge Refund, along with 20% AP.
  • Fast – Fast gets you 20% damage, along with a 20% increase in Cast Speed.


  • Peacemaker – At level 1, Peacemaker gets you an enhanced speed in Handgun Stance by 8%. Along with this, you also gain an increase in damage by 10% and an extra 15% in Critical Rate in Shotgun Stance.
  • Grudge – Grudge allows you an increased 4% of Damage in the first level to Bosses.


  • Demonic Impulse – When used, the Demonic Skill Cooldown is reset.
  • Grudge – Grudge allows you an increased 4% of Damage in the first level to Bosses.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon – Keen Blunt Weapon will allow a Critical Damage of 10%. However, your attacks will be able to deal Damage at -20%.

Gunlancer Engraving

  • Super Charge – Super Charge enables you to gain a charging speed of +8% for your skills, along with a damage of 4+ at level 1. This amount keeps multiplying as you reach level 3.
  • Gunlancer – At level 1, this class engraving offers you a Critical Skill increase of 5%, along with an increase in 30% for Critical Damage.
  • Grudge – Grudge allows you an increased 4% of Damage in the first level to Bosses.

Scrapper Engravings

  • Taijutsi – This engraving helps enhance and increase the natural recovery speed of Stamina Energy. The rate of this increase depends upon the level of Taijutsi Engraving.
  • Shock Training – Damage for the Shock skill increases by a certain percentage.

Soulfist Engravings

  • Meridian Reconstruction – This engraving ensures that your energy reserve ki does not decrease below unity. Upon being combined with a Soul Master with less than 30% maximum energy, you will receive a damage increase of 5%.
  • Heaven Defying Body – Heaven Defying Hype allows you to enter hype level 3 directly. It also grants an increase of 200% for Ki recovery rates while in Hype. You also receive an extra 30% of additional damage.

Wardancer Class Engravings in Lost Ark

  • Esoteric – The highest number of Esoteric Orbs increases by +1. This helps you increase damage for each Esoteric Orb you have.
  • FirstIntention – With this engraving, the damage to your enemies increases. However, the catch here is the fact that you cannot gain the Esoteric Meter any longer.

Artillerist Class Engravings in Lost Ark

  • Firepower – Firepower increases any incoming damage. Depending on your Firepower buff, your Crit Rate will increase too.
  • Barrage Enhancement – The cooling effect will be rendered ineffective once the Firepower Meter recharges.

Sharpshooter Engraving

  • Death Strike – Your damage potential will increase by a set percentage for a period of 8 seconds.
  • Loyal Companions – This engraving results in the summoning of the Silverhawk MK-II. This helps boost your speed.

Striker Engraving

  • Master of Ambush – This class engraving increases the damage potential of the Back Attack passive.
  • Spirit Absorption – With Spirit Absorption, you receive a speed boost. This helps in boosting your movements and attacks.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the different Engravings for classes in Lost Ark. As you can see, Engravings can go a long way in ensuring that you only get the best builds for the endgame content.

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