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Fortnite: All Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes (2022)

Check out our guide on all of the best Cizzorz Deathrun map codes for Fortnite.

Fornite has a wide range of Deathrun maps that work out exactly as their name suggests. Deathrun maps challenges players into a creative mode with incredible prize pools. These maps are designed by different Fortnite creators that make sure it’s no easy feat for players. If you have grinded on Deathrun maps, you might have heard of the infamous map codes by Cizzorz. So, here’s our guide on all the Cizzorzz Deathrun map codes for Fortnite.

All Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes For Fortnite (2022)


fortnite cizzorz deathrun map codes

Mentioned below are all the Deathrun map codes by Cizzorz:

Cizzorz Deathrun Challenge Map Code


This was the first Deathrun map code by the creator, Cizzorz. For the fastest players, there was a prize pool of $1500. Since this deathrun map was much acclaimed by the players, he continued doing a series of Deathrun challenges.

Code: 0940-9970-7913

Cizzorz Deathrun 2.0 Map Code


For the second Deathrun, players had a prize pool of a whopping amount of $5000. All you need to do is complete the Deathrun map fastest three times. This map code involved more challenging obstacles than the previous one.

Code: 6509-1069-6161

Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 Map Code


As the description for this map code states, you will be mentally and physically tested while playing it. That’s because it is the longest and hardest Death Run of all time. At that time, it also featured the most expensive cash pool held by Cizzorz.

Code: 4043-5793-6999

Cizzorz Death Maze/ Escape Map Code

While you will find several Escape map codes, this is the first one from Cizzorz. You need to find a secret path to complete this map code. There are also several mysteries and puzzles that you need to solve. Overall it is a fun map code for the players who love a good Deathrun.

Code: 4041-8511-7061

Fun Run Map Code

For this map code, you have to run the fastest of all the players. Cizzorz collaborated with the New Balance Athletics company to launch this map code for the community. All the prizes earned by the players would be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. As you progress into this map, you need to parkour and make sure to not fall into the lava pit. The top three players will receive a cash pool depending on their places.

Code: 0066-4697-7029

Cizzorz Deathrun 4.0 Map Code

You can play this map code solo or with your friends. This was the last Deathrun Map code by him. It featured a cash pool for $ 5000. All players need to do is beat the clock and be the fastest among other players.

Code: 2778-3253-4171

How to Use Map Codes

  • Launch Fortnite on your supported device.
  • Select the Island Code tab and enter the above Deathrun codes.
  • As you hit the Accept option, you will get the info for the Map codes.
  • Then, hit the Play button to start playing on these Map codes.

Make a note that there are also certain rules that you need to follow for the maps.

That’s everything covered about all the Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes in Fortnite. If you liked this guide, check out more guides on our dedicated section for Fortnite right here on Gamer Tweak.