Best Cities Skylines Mods (2023) – Must Try!

Unlock the full potential of the game with our guide on 5 must-have mods in Cities Skylines

Looking for the best Cities Skylines mods you can use to enhance your experience? We’ve got you covered. There’s nothing quite like watching your city grow brick by brick in this game. The 2015 city-building simulator is still meticulous and organized in 2023. You can control almost every aspect of your city, from the roads to organizing your city’s tax policy. Players who love the game or are just starting out can take advantage of the game’s large modding community. Take a look at the best ones you can use.

Best Cities Skylines Mods 2023

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Here is the list of the 5 best mods you can install in Cities Skylines.

1) Traffic Manager

Traffic management is one of the few things that stump players. Due to each car operating on its own AI, managing where they go is a real hassle. Regular queue-ups and congestion can be a daily occurrence. The mod Traffic Manager is built just for this problem. You can use the mod to fully customize your roads to suit your needs. Connect lanes, make a traffic stop, and even implement real-life rules like junction control and speed limits. The mod is a must-have to make your roads efficient and safe.

2) Undo It!

Have you ever started building something and accidentally deleted it? Once you delete any kind of structure in the game, you’ll have to start over again. But sometimes accidents happen and you can’t seem to remember the exact outlines to build it back. That’s where Undo It! comes in. With this mod installed you can simply press Ctrl+Z and your mistake will be undone. This simple mod is a real game changer and makes the building process a bit more forgiving.

3) Network Anarchy

The base game’s road-building system is very restrictive. Constructing convenient bylanes or over-the-ground roads is nearly impossible. But now thanks to the mod Network Anarcy, all this is just a convenient click away. Network Anarchy even lets you build roads through buildings, opening up tons of new design options.

4) Find It!

True to its name the mod allows to you search for any kind of structure you want by name. The mod adds a search icon down on the bar which you can use to look up any assets you require. It also sorts all the game structures into subcategories like Networks, Trees, Growables, and Plopables. A handy mod for quick building.

5) Move It!

Move It! is the ultimate mod for restriction-free building. The mod allows you to freely move all buildings and structures in any way you see fit. It opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to make wild creations of intersecting roads recreate haphazard cities, and much more. This is an essential mod for anyone looking to unlock the game’s true potential.

That’s our list of the best mods you can use in Cities Skylines. Check out our guide on Cities Skylines Cheats and other guides on Gamer Tweak.