CHORUS Is Deep Silver’s Attempt To Bring Space Flight Combat Shooter Back

Chorus doesn’t look like it is a horror game neither does it look like pure sci-fi. Chorus evokes the memories of Space Invader and all of the gameplay trailers show a great battle among the stars, but there isn’t a lot shown in the game that has anything else to offer.

With what we’ve seen of Chorus’ reveal, it looks magnificent but there’s not much information revealed what you’re supposed to do without the spaceship dogfight and zooming from one place to another.

The voice-over doesn’t even sound of peace when it speaks about unprecedented peace and neither does the imagery support it. Maybe this is to show the efficiency of the lead character?

Nara looks like neo-Senua, especially the tattoos on her face. It looks like the giant tear in the sky is the doom and her heroics have helped rebuild the world the game is based in.

The high point of the video was the voices ringing in her head which again is a bit like Senua’s so maybe Xbox is trying to make a space version of Sensua’s Saga. Not a lot makes sense of Chorus but there is something that draws me in.

The visuals, the imagery, the environment all look excellently designed but with there haven’t been many highly designed spaceship adventure games and I guess Chorus is looking to make a name for itself right in that specific niche.

It is highly specific and will divide opinions for sure, but as long as there is enough to satisfy both the sky exploration and flying part with a good narrative-based action game. Chorus will do well.

Often games like these often are the biggest surprises that we have seen in recent years. Make sure to check out our coverage of all the games that are going to be releasing with the Xbox Series X.