Bright Memory: Infinite Is Coming to Xbox Series X

It looks absolutely amazing

Seeing the trailer of Bright Memory: Infinite, one of the first things that you will think about is just how stunning it looks. The game includes a fast-paced 3D combat system where you can combine skills to create the best output in the battle. Solving puzzles, exploring the futuristic world, encountering wormholes and fighting ancient samurais – you can do it all in this next-gen game.

In Bright Memory: Infinite, you will play as Shelia who is a member of the Supernatural Science Research Organization which possesses the most high-end advanced tech. Even the military doesn’t have that level of technology in this world. What happens next in this story is for the player to discover and enjoy.

The best part is that this game is developed by Zeng Xiancheng, an independent developer all by himself. This is insane in the best possible way. Check out the trailer right here:

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