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How To Get A Chopping Board In Sims Freeplay

Here is your Sims Freeplay guide on how to get a chopping board.

Having a Sim that is interested in being in the kitchen the whole day is a great hobby for aspiring chefs. But how can you cook without a cutting board? If you want to get this important kitchen item then this is the guide for you. Here, we will show you how to get a chopping board in Sims Freeplay.

Sims Freeplay: How to Get a Chopping Board

How To Get A Chopping Board In Sims Freeplay

As a teen, adult, or senior, when you complete the Bread Winner quest, you will be able to get the cooking hobby in Sims Freeplay. All of your sims in the household will be able to access this hobby and can now begin cooking.

After doing this, you will have to reach level 6 and find all of the utensils. This will help you finally unlock the chopping boards in the game.

What Does Getting a Cooking Board Get You?

Most people want to get a chopping board so that they can unlock meals that will give them LPs. This of course also means that your sims will take longer hours to make their meals as well.

To start cooking, you must have a stove along with any one of the following:

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Toaster

If you cannot afford a proper kitchen setup then you can also go to cook at the Candlelit Fork Restaurant. Once you start cooking, you will have to climb up the ladder. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Level 1 – No Reward
  • Level 2 – 250XP
  • Level 3 – 500XP
  • Level 4 – §750
  • Level 5 – 10,000 Town Value
  • Level 6 – 1 LP

Once you hit level 6 and get all of the utensils, you will be rewarded with the chopping board. However, if you don’t want to wait and grind till you get the chopping board, there is one other way to get the board. This is by buying a house that has a chopping board in it already.

This was your guide on how to get the chopping board in The Sims Freeplay. If you liked this Sims guide then check out this one on how to quickly get Lifestyle Points in the game.