Choo-Choo Charles Lore: Story & Ending Explained

Here is everything you need to know about the story and ending of Choo-Choo Charles.

Choo-Choo Charles is a game about fighting and defeating a Demon spider train. But while you are playing the game there are plenty of story and lore elements that you can easily miss. This is understandable, the goal is to survive and Charles is not fooling around when he tries to hunt you. So here is the complete Story, Lore, and ending explained for Choo-Choo Charles. Before going any further here is a Spoiler Warning. Below I will explain the story in detail and ending of the game so you should complete it to avoid potential spoilers.

Choo-Choo Charles Story & Lore Explained

choo-choo charles lore explained

The story of Choo-Choo Charles begins with you playing as an unnamed archivist and monster hunter who needs something big to keep their museum running. You go to the island of Aranearum to deal with Charles the demonic train. The characters in the game describe it as “half train and half giga-spider”. Eugene explains how the people and his son are trapped on this island.

Eugene explains to the protagonist how the previous train operator was killed by Charles. So the protagonist can use the train to get around the island. While Eugene plans to be on this journey with the protagonist, Charles kills Eugene on their way to test the train. But before passing away, Eugene tasks the protagonist to find the “Eggs” and his son.

Here is where your journey begins as you meet several NPCs to learn about these “Eggs” and about Charles. As you keep playing you learn about Warren the mine owner. He brings these miners to the island for mining gold. But soon they realize that this isn’t a gold mine. And that these mines are home to something far more sinister.

One of the first things you learn here is about the existence of a Spider-like creature. You can talk to Daryl to find out a chest which upon opening you will find a piece of paper inside. It has a drawing of people fighting a giant spider using spears. This is the part where we can conclude that this spider is actually a demon that possesses the Charles company train.

As you meet more NPCs you learn that there are three eggs around the island that you need to collect in order to fight Charles for good. Because in their past fights Charles would just retreat. You also learn that you need to place these eggs in a “Prism” to make sure Charles fights you till the end.

choo-choo charles ending explained

And while collecting these eggs you learn that they are capable of hatching into other giant spiders similar to Charles. You also learn theories from NPCs like Greg who tell you that Warren is trying to control these Spiders for World Domination. While the theory is a bit far-fetched there is some experimentation in play. As not only did Warren bring the miner’s families onto the island. But he also cut off all forms of communication to reach the mainland. He also went so far as to make his workers work for free.

charles attacking player

As you collect more eggs you will find that Warren has not only placed guards to protect the eggs. But they even have the liberty to shoot & kill anyone getting close or trying to steal these eggs. These guards wear masks similar to how Charles’ face looks and even seem to be worshipping it.

warren charles workers

You eventually learn that the “Prism” is capable of extracting life energy from these eggs. But the catch is during this process Charles will find out the location of where extraction is happening. Not only that but the previous time it happened Charles consumed the energy and grew into a stronger form of himself. This is also where you learn that Greg’s theory can’t be true because Warren doesn’t seem to have any ways to control Charles yet.

Along your journey while collecting the final eggs, you also build several weapons capable enough to defeat Charles with the help of an NPCs like Gertrude, John, and more. You also meet up with Eugene’s son Paul. After telling him his father’s fate you rig the bridge with explosives so as to lure Charles and kill it while escaping.

After everything is set the only thing left is to summon and fight Charles. So when you are about to place the third Egg on the Prism, Warren Charles III almost interrupts you. You do manage to use the third egg, which summons Choo-Choo Charles, and he happens to absorb all the energy and grow stronger as explained by a previous NPC, he also ends up devouring Warren Charles III in the process.

This starts your last fight with Charles and you lead it to the bridge. When you reach the bridge you do manage to blow up Charles and kill it to save the islanders.

Choo-Choo Charles Ending Explained

The game ends with Charles dying. But in a post-credit scene, the game shows there are plenty of these eggs still left underground. And we see one of the Eggs shake as it is about to hatch. We also get to see several different colored eggs. This opens up the possibilities for a DLC or maybe a sequel game altogether.

Speaking about the lore there is one mission that plays out like Slender: The Eight Pages. During this mission, you come across ghosts that don’t happen to kill you but rather just teleport you away. These ghosts could be the souls of past miners killed at the hands of Charles or some other entities altogether.

So there are plenty of mysteries yet in the game. Remember the developer is yet to reveal any upcoming content for the game. But with all the mysteries still in the game, we can hope there are DLCs or a new game in the future.

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