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Chivalry 2: Will The Beta Version Progress Carry Into The Full Version?

Let’s see if your Beta version progress will carry into the full version of Chivalry 2.

The fans of the Chivalry franchise have been waiting for over 9 years now for a sequel. The developers found a way to make the long wait bearable by releasing a beta version of Chivalry 2. The beta version is an undercooked version of the game. Beta version does a good job in giving players a gist of what they should be expecting. Many players have played the Beta version for a good amount of time. Players are wondering if their progress in the beta version will give them a head start or go to waste. Let’s see if the progress of the beta version will carry forward into Chivalry 2.

Will The Beta Version Progress Carry Forward Into The Full Version of Chivalry 2?

Unfortunately the short to this is No, your Beta version progress won’t carry forward in the full version of Chivalry 2. In the support section of the Beta version, there is an FAQ section. All the Beta testers can get their queries answered. One of the most frequent questions was if the Beta version progress will carry into the full version. Torn Banner who is one of the developers of the game answered it. Tone said that player’s progress will reset on June 8 when the full version releases.

Not many games release the Beta version but the developers of Chivalry did. The beta version helps players get some action before the actual game and helps the developers in identifying gaps and make the actual game even better. Even though many players have already gotten to a certain level in the Beta version it is a good thing that everyone will start from the same line. This will bring parity among all kinds of players as many might have missed or skipped the Beta version.

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