Discord Chip Bot Commands And Its Uses

Chip is a bot for discord that can do a lot of things when it comes to music. Let's take a look at some of its Commands.

Discord has many bots which serve different purposes, one such bot is Chip. It is a high-quality music bot. Chip supports a lot of commands which are designed such that you get a hassle-free music experience. Let us take a look at the Chip Bot Commands for Discord.

What are the Best Chip Bot Commands for Discord?

chip bot commands discord

  • ch!play [search the song or URL]: Plays a track from Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.
  • ch!pause: Will pause the track playing currently.
  • ch!resume: Will resume the paused track.
  • ch!queue: Show the list of tracks in the queue.
  • ch!clear: Clears the queue by removing every track from it.
  • ch!stop: Stops the currently playing track.
  • ch!nowplaying: Shows the name of the currently playing track.
  • ch!shuffle: Shuffles the queued tracks.
  • ch!lyrics [Song name]: Shows lyrics of the song.
  • ch!volume [0-200]: Adjusts the volume of the player.
  • ch!bassboost [0-500]: Will change the bass boost settings of the player.
  • ch!remove [Track number from Queue]: Removes a particular track from the Queue.
  • ch!forward [Time stamp to jump to]: Will jump to that specific timestamp of the track.
  • ch!8D: Lets you change the 8D settings on the player.
  • ch!clearfilters: Removes any filters from the player.
  • ch!demon: Enables demon audio filter.
  • ch!fix: Fix any lag or audio issues of the bot.
  • ch!nightcore: Enables the nightcore filter for the player.
  • ch!pitch [0-500]: The pitch of the player gets changed.
  • ch!move [Track number]: Moves the particular track to the first position.
  • ch!removedupes: Removes any duplicate tracks in the queue.
  • ch!search [Track name]: Bot will search for the track and lets you pick which track to queue.
  • ch!skip: Skip a track from the queue.
  • ch!skipto: Jump to a specific track in the queue.
  • ch!replay: Replay the currently playing track.

That sums up this guide on the discord commands for the Chip bot. If you are unhappy with Chip you could try using Rythm. Check out our guide on how to add Rythm Bot to Discord to play around with a different bot on Discord.