How To Make A Functional Chicken Coop In Minecraft

Here's a simple guide on how to build a working Chicken Coop in Minecraft to farm eggs.

The Chickens in Minecraft are a source of feathers, meat, and eggs so making a coop for them is a must. Using this structure, you can store all your chickens in one place. That makes collecting eggs & meat and breeding them so much easier. Since this game is all about crafting, you can use the resources you get from the chicken to craft weapons and food recipes. In this guide, we will tell you how to build an Automatic Egg Farm in Minecraft.

How to Build a Working Chicken Coop to Farm Eggs in Minecraft

There are two ways you can go about it. There is always an option of building a simple fenced structure to trap the chickens inside. Then build walls around it to protect them from predators. However, the problem with this structure is that you will have to enter and go around to collect all the eggs.

To build a Functional Chicken Coop in Minecraft to farm eggs, you will require Hoppers and Chests along with other basic materials. Follow these simple steps to do so:

A Functional Chicken Coop to automatically Farm Eggs

  • Use logs to create a 5×5 basic square frame.
  • Make a 5-block column by adding four more logs on top of each.
  • Now, add an upside-down staircase around the corners of each column leaving one block at the top.
  • Upon these stairs, place blocks of wood around the logs. Make sure you leave a 3-block gap on one side for an entrance.
  • Raid the base column further by 4 blocks and place a wall along the inside.
  • Raise the wall to the height of the column and leave space for the door.
  • Create a small staircase in front of the door and that will be the entrance of the chicken coop.
  • At the bottom of the structure, fill the gap with Hoppers. Then, place Chests or Trap Chests below it. This will act as a storage for your Egg Farm.
  • Inside the coop, cover the Hoppers with Carpets. All items fall through the carpets so the eggs will be collected in the chests through the Hoppers.
  • For the roof and the surrounding of this structure, you can choose a design of your liking.

And voila! a functional egg farm is ready to use. Fill the structure with Chickens and breed them to get more. Then wait for a while and check the chests at the bottom, where you will find eggs.

That’s all from us on how to make a working Chicken Coop in Minecraft. This is a basic design but you can spice it up according to your preference. For more helpful guides like How to Find Villages, visit our Minecraft section soon.