How To Get The Chicago Typewriter In RE4 Remake

Learn how you can get the all-time classic RE4 weapon Chicago Typewriter in the new RE4 Remake.

The new Residental Evil 4 Remake aka RE4 remake introduces plenty of new stuff but also brings back some fan-favorite items like the Chicago Typewriter. The remake is truly a remake with a new RE Engine. It replaces it’s old one and adds a whole lot more features and additions along with it. Fans of the series are very satisfied with the remake and it has been quite a successful launch. Let’s learn more about one of the fan-favorite weapons called Chicago Typewriter and how to get it in RE4 Remake.

How To Unlock The Chicago Typewriter In RE4 Remake

chicago typewriter re4

If you are a fan of the original RE4, you are going to want to unlock the Chicago Typewriter in RE4 Remake. In this remake, it is called the ‘Chicago Sweeper’. Once you have played through the game once, the game isn’t done yet. The Resident Evil series has always encouraged multiple playthroughs to be done for this game. This is where the requirements to unlock the Chicago Typewriter in RE4 Remake come to play.

In order to unlock the Chicago Typewriter/Sweeper, you need to complete a specific challenge. This challenge is called the Leon “A.” Kennedy Challenge. This challenge requires you to finish the main campaign on the Professional difficulty. This difficulty can only be unlocked after finishing the campaign once. Another thing to note is that according to all the calculations, completing with an overall ‘A’ rank means finishing the campaign in under 7 hours.

Once you complete this challenge, you will be able to get the Chicago Typewriter/Sweeper from the Typewriter Storage. That is all you need to know on how to get the Chicago Typewriter in RE4 Remake.

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