Coin Master Chests Guide (Types & Rewards)

Chests in Coin Master are required for unlocking new Cards, Spins, Pet XP, and much more. Here are all the types of Chests and the corresponding rewards explained.

Like in most games, chests are one of the most common ways of getting rewards. Likewise, in Coin Master, you can use the Chests to receive items for smoother in-game progression as well. For those who don’t know, there are different types of Chests for you. Also, they are unlocked on different Villages that you build during your playthrough. The type of the chest decides the quality of the reward inside it. With our Coin Master Chest guide, you will know all types of Chests along with the rewards & their probability.

Coin Master Chest Types Explained (Village & Rewards)

In Coin Master, Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests are the 3 main types of Chests. There are a few other chests as well, but we will be focusing on these 3 chests more. Here’s what you should know about the mentioned Chest-types.

  • Wooden Chest
    • Village: Available from Village 3+
    • Rewards: 2 Cards
  • Golden Chest
    • Village: Available from Village 3+
    • Rewards: 4 Cards
  • Magical Chest
    • Village: Available from Village 3+
    • Rewards: 8 Cards

All Coin Master Chests (Types & Rewards)

As you can see, all of the above three Chests are available once you have completed 3+ Village. Moreover, each Chest contains a Card with 1-5 star ratings. Here’s the probability of Cards that you can pull from each of the above 3 Chests in Coin Master.

  • Wooden Chest
    • 1-Star Card : 86%
    • 2-Star Card : 48%
    • 3-Star Card : 18%
    • 4-Star Card : 15%
    • 5-Star Card : 2%
  • Golden Chest
    • 1-Star Card : 60.4%
    • 2-Star Card : 77.74%
    • 3-Star Card : 99.5%
    • 4-Star Card : 35.87%
    • 5-Star Card : 35.87%
  • Magical Chest
    • 1-Star Card : 79.21%
    • 2-Star Card : 94.29%
    • 3-Star Card : 99.5%
    • 4-Star Card : 99.5%
    • 5-Star Card : 23.6%

Besides Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests, you can also get the following ones in Coins Master.

  • Mystery Chest
    • Rewards: 5 Cards + 1 Joker Card, Free Spins, and Pet Snacks (10% chance of pulling a Joker Card)
  • Emerald Chest
    • Rewards: 4 Cards, Free Spins, and Pet XP
  • Sapphire Chest
    • Village: Available from Village 70+
    • Rewards: 6 Cards, Free Spins, and Pet XP
  • Ruby Chest
    • Village: Available from Village 110+
    • Rewards: 8 Cards + 1 Joker Card, Free Spins, Pet XP, and a Pet Snack (1.9% chance of getting a Joker Card)

How to Get Chests in Coin Master

There are multiple ways through which you can obtain a Chest. The very first method is by building and completing Villages. The other methods include buying it from the in-game shop and acquiring Team Chest by performing Raids.

To be precise, in Coin Master, players need to collect Keys to get Chests through Raids. Further, you get 2 Keys only by attacking a Village. In addition, you can get 4 Keys by raiding and 5 Keys if it is a perfect raid.

That’s everything from our side about Coin Master Chests. While you are here, get yourself with our guide on Coin Master Free Spin Links right here on Gamer Tweak.