Dead Island 2 Cheats (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Weapons & More)

In survival games like Dead Island 2, cheats, trainers, and glitches can be very useful to farm XP, ammo, weapons, and more. The zombie genre of games is always intense, where you’re always running out of something. Be it stamina, weapons, or ammo, hitting the zero counter is always painful. It’s even more frustrating when you lose out on ammo without achieving the objective of a mission. This is where you can rely on cheats to get out of those impossible missions. In this guide, you’ll learn about the things you can do with cheats, some trainers, and various in-game glitches.

All Dead Island 2 Cheats

Cheats in Dead Island 2
Here are all the cheats you can use by using a trainer.

Infinite Ammo

You may run out of ammo while fighting the hordes of enemies in this game. With this cheat, you can simply hold down the trigger to shred any zombie coming toward you. You won’t have to worry about looking for ammo across the map and avoid dangerous areas.

No Recoil

While you’re holding down the trigger, your gun will feel uncontrollable due to recoil. You can use the no-recoil cheat to stabilize your weapon.

Unlimited Stamina

If you have a massive horde behind you, then you’ll need a huge amount of stamina to run away from them. You can use the unlimited stamina cheat to never run out of stamina in Dead Island 2.

One Hit Kills

With this cheat, you can kill an enemy with a single hit. The type of gun you’re using won’t be of any concern.


As the name suggests, you will become invisible in the game. This way, you can complete the missions in this game without being spotted by the zombies.

Unlimited Health

If you simply want to experience the game without worrying about getting killed, then this cheat is made for you. With the unlimited health cheat, you will be impossible to kill in Dead Island 2.

Super Damage

The super damage cheat will help you inflict heavy damage on the zombies with basic attacks. This way, you can still enjoy the intensity of the game without being invincible.

List of Dead Island 2 Trainers

In Dead Island 2, you can use the following trainers to use the cheats. However, note that some games have anti-cheat mechanisms, and using trainers may result in a ban. So use them at your own risk. That being said, here are all the trainers you can use for this game:

  • Fling Trainer
  • Mega Trainer
  • WeMod Trainer
  • CheatHappens Trainer

Dead Island 2 Glitches

Dead Island 2 Glitches

Apart from cheats, you can also use the following in-game glitches to farm XP, items, and more in Dead Island 2.

XP Farming Glitch

XP farming in this game is just a matter of delaying completing a mission. You will get the first chance to farm XP in a mission called ‘O Michael, Where Art Thou?’. In this mission, when Michael asks you to repair the entrance to his door, leave everything broken at the pool. Then, dodge the zombies and let them fall into the pool to gain free XP.

Items Farming Glitch

During the Red Mist quest, you’ll reach an area in the sewers. Here, you will be thrown into an arena with zombies. Now all you have to do is beat most of the zombies but let two or three stay alive. Then, go to the main menu and return to the arena again. This way, you can farm the enemies for items and XP.

We hope this guide helps you use the cheats, trainers, and glitches in Dead Island 2. This game is more fun when playing with friends, so here’s how to play co-op multiplayer in Dead Island 2.