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Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats, Tips, & Strategies

Check out the best Cheats, Tips, & Strategies for Hill Climb Racing 2.

Hill Climb Racing 2 has a plethora of content that you can unlock using cheats, tips, and strategies. In this physics-based 2D racing game, you’ll have to drive a car on various tough terrains. As you progress, you can unlock new tracks, vehicles, and upgrades. The game features tons of modes like Classic Adventure, Public Event Challenges, and more. This guide will help you gets some insights into the game if you are a newbie or a veteran.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats, Tips, and Strategies: Get Coins Fast & More

Hill Climb Racing 2 gameplay

Here’s a list of Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats, tips, and tricks.

  • Get a Perfect Start: We will start with something simple yet ignored by many. Before the race starts, you can hit the accelerator to rev the engine. Check the speedometer while revving and you will notice a green highlight. Make sure you balance the needle on this green highlight to get a perfect start.
  • Avoid Upgrading the Base Vehicle: If you are a new player, you will start with a basic jeep. It may seem like a great idea to upgrade it as soon as you get some coins. We recommend you save these coins to get better vehicles and upgrade them instead.
  • Max Out Parts Before Upgrading: Don’t be hasty while upgrading your parts. Make sure you max out the GP before upgrading them.
  • Do Not Skip Ads: Occasionally, you will notice an option to watch an Ad for rewards like free parts and upgrades. These are usually 15 – 30 second ads so make sure you take the full benefit of them.
  • Learn Kangaroo Technique: The Kangaroo technique is when you are speeding through the air and using the track to launch yourself back. This technique will help you cover more distance in minimum time.
  • Open Chests to Make Coins Fast: Chests are one of the best ways to get more coins and rewards. Make sure you save up your gems to open high-tier chests to get loads of money.
  • Max Out the Magnet: The Magnet in this game will help you collect all the coins as well as fuel. So make sure you upgrade it every chance you get.

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