Cheats And Console Commands For Panzer Corps 2

Here are all the cheats and console commands that you can use in Panzer Corps 2.

The survival and strategy in Panzer Corps 2 is not a piece of cake. You will need to find every piece of every material and will actually have to work for them. It will be like Christmas if you get something in the game easily. That is what we are here for. In this guide, we will give you all the console commands and cheats for Panzer Corps 2 that will make your tasks easier and give you smoother gameplay.

Panzer Corps 2 Cheats And Console Commands

Panzer Corps 2

You will first need to learn how to use the commands and cheats in the game.

How To use the commands and cheats?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C and input the codes that are mentioned below. You can also use the chat button on the top left corner of the screen.

Here all the console commands and cheats that you will be able to use in Panzer Corps 2.:

1. Add Transports

  • runany AddTransport X – X = the desired value of Transports, = Id Unit.

2. Always Retreat

  • setany always_retreat 1 – Defender will retreat after every combat.

3. Ammo (Set)

  • setany ammo X – X = the desired value of ammo.

4. Attacks Actions (number)

  • setany attacks X – X = the number of attack actions.

5. Aux Slots (Set)

  • setany max_aux_slots X – X = the value of Aux.

6. Core Slots (Set)

  • setany max_core_slots X – X = the value of core slots.

7. Entrenchment (Set)

  • setany entrenchment X – X = the value of entrenchment.

8. Experience (Set)

  • setany experience X – X = the value of experience.

9. Fog of War (Disable)

  • setany iseeyou 1 – Only for the current player.

10. Fuel (Set)

  • setany fuel X – X = the desired value of fuel.

11. Ground State (Set)

  • setany ground_state – Values for = Dry, Muddy, Snowy, Frozen (Case Sensitive).

12. Instant Victory

  • runany Victory 0.

13. Max Ammo (Set)

  • setany ammo_cap X – X = the value of max ammo.

14. Max Fuel (Set)

  • setany fuel_cap X – X = the desired value of max fuel.

15. Max Strength (Set)

  • setany max_strength X – X = the desired value of max strength.

16. Move Actions (number)

  • setany moves X – X = the number of move actions.

17. Move Points (number)

  • setany move_points X – X = the number of move points.

18. New Hero

  • cheat NewHero [trait name].

19. Prestige (Set)

  • setany prestige X – X = the desired value of prestige.

20. Randomness level (Set)

  • setany randomness X.

21. Shroud (Turn off)

  • setany shroud 0.

22. Shroud (Turn on)

  • setany shroud 1.

23. Strength (Set)

  • setany strength X – X = the desired value of strength for the selected unit.

24. Suppression (Set)

  • setany suppression X – X = desired value of suppression.

25. Turn (Set)

  • setany round X – Sets current turn.

26. Weather (Set)

  • setany weather – Values for = Clear, Cloudy, Rain, Snow (Case Sensitive).

27. Randomness level (Set)

  • setany randomness X (X is a number from 0 to 100).

So that is all for our guide on Panzer Corps 2 Cheats & Console Commands. If you would like to know a list of console commands and cheats for Subnautica Below Zero, we have a guide on that too if you would like to check out.