Character Stuck In Frightened Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3? Here’s How To Fix

The frightened timer is over but are your characters still stuck in that condition in BG3? Here is how you can fix it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 the winner of game of the year 2023 has something that almost every player can appreciate. But one thing that everyone won’t like is bugs, and there is one in BG3 where your character gets stuck in frightened condition. Without getting too much into spoilers you get it after fighting a certain enemy at Moonrise Towers. Chances are you must have tried using spells or other tricks but they might have not worked. Luckily you can use the following fix to get back to your playthrough.

How to Fix Character Stuck in Frightened Condition in BG3

How To Fix Character Stuck In Frightened Condition In BG3
Image Credits: Larian Studios

The best workaround to solve this issue is to save and reload your game. Thanks to Reddit user u/BakedRobot31 for sharing this fix, you can check out their comment here. The good news is several players have tried this solution and have found it to work for them as well.

  • Save and Reload: After your fight with that enemy save the game. Now, exit to the game’s main menu, and reload your save. Upon reloading your frightened timer should be on one turn and after that, you should be able to continue normally.

While the above trick should do the trick, in a scenario where it doesn’t work, here are some other tricks suggested by others that worked for them.

  • Use Protection from Evil and Good: Thanks to user u/MissingScore777 for sharing this method, you can check their comment here. You can swap spells on your characters on the go. So equip the Protection from evil and good spell and cast it on the frightened characters.
  • Quicksave and reload: Another trick if saving didn’t work is, you could try quicksaving and reloading. This worked for user u/Selkmanam, you can check their comment here.

With that, you should be able to snap your characters out of the frightened condition. For more help with other bugs and their fixes check out our BG3 section.