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How To Change Time From Night To Day In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Hunting in Day is better

Daytime is a lot better in Ghost Recon Breakpoint because it offers you higher visibility and the game has a day and night cycle. So you can simply change time from Night to Day to mark down more enemies using the drone. In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips and tricks guide, I will give you the exact settings to change time fast and easy. In my view, I found better visibility during the day no matter if I have a thermal vision skill unlocked.

How To Change Time In Breakpoint


To change time in Breakpoint you have to unlock Fast Travel points first. Follow the smokes and deploy the Bivouac. When you exit the camp you will see a menu of different times you can pick-up. You can take late evening or afternoon for max visibility. It is highly necessary to unlock all fast travel points first, Auroa is a big island, and it is not recommended to travel around because of guards, checkpoints, etc.

You can check out the video above which will show you how it works. Just reach a campsite and deploy Bivouac. Then exit the camp pick a suitable time to change the entire scene from dark to light. You can do this multiple time, there are no restrictions on this.


Also, Bivouac will help you to access the shop and many other important menus to craft items. That is the reason for setting up the camp in all regions of the map will be highly beneficial throughout the gameplay of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.