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How To Change Time In COTW The Angler

Isn't it cool that you can change the time in Call of the Wild The Angler?

In Call of the Wild The Angler, time management is of utmost importance and players may feel the need to change time due to some circumstances. This could also be the situation as not every time or season is appropriate for fishing certain kinds of fish. You may also have many failed attempts, which may be the reason you have lost time and need to restart again. The real question that arises is whether or not you can change it in the first place. Let’s find out.

How to Change Time in Call of the Wild The Angler

change time call of the wild the angler

You can change the time in COTW The Angler by changing your server and joining a new one. However, you can’t change the time on your own server or a matter of fact on any other server. You will just be shifting to a server with a more appropriate time as per your needs. Usually, players prefer to fish during the daytime, and going back to the main menu has worked for the majority of them to get back to the daytime. You can try this method to your luck.

Fishing in the daylight is much better than the night as players cannot even look at the water properly and they have to figure out how deep the water is where the bait is thrown. This brings us to the next important tip, which is to manage your time well and practice fishing in the peak hours.

Not just day or night, even the seasons change can impact your fishing speed accordingly. You have to adapt and build strategies to fish in different time frames and all sorts of seasonal changes and weather conditions. You can also customize your rods, lures, and baits to adapt to the fishing style at that particular time.

This was all about how to change time in Call of the Wild The Angler. We hope that you can use the tips and tricks shared to your advantage. Furthermore, check out other guides on COTW like how to find Channel Catfish.