Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Change & Switch House

Take a look at the steps to change & switch houses in Hogwarts Legacy easily.

The pre-ordered players can now dive into the Wizarding world in Hogwarts Legacy. And start their journey of becoming a witch or a wizard. However, before the adventure starts, the players will be taken to a Sorting Ceremony in the Great Hall to pick their house & wand. Whether it be Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, the story will remain the same. Although, there will undoubtedly be some influence on the NPC you meet, the location of your common room, and other quest-related changes. But if you’ve already made the decision and wondering about you can change & switch a house In Hogwarts Legacy, then we’re here to help.

How do I Change & Switch to Other House in Hogwarts Legacy?

How Can I Change & Switch House in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to change & switch their house in Hogwarts Legacy. And they’ll be stuck for the rest of the game in the house you choose at the Sorting Ceremony. But don’t worry, players can still experience what it feels like to be in different houses and vie the multiple save slots option. So if you are looking forwards to switching your house, then starting a game in a new slot is the only way.

But if you haven’t linked your Account to the game yet, then you can change your House by deleting your Wizarding World account and signing up again. Now all you need to do is Retake the Wizarding World Sorting Quiz. Once you are happy with your House, Wand, and Patronus, you should import them into your game. You can do that by linking your Harry Potter Fan club account to Hogwarts Legacy.

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Moreover, the Potterheads can always link their Harry Potter fan club with the game to avoid the hassle. Doing so will help you transfer your choice of house and wand to the game and unlocks some items. Such as Beaked Skull Mask, in-game House Fan-Atic Robes, and a set of house-themed robes.

That sums up how you can change & switch a house in the Hogwarts Legacy Wizarding world. While you are here, make sure to take a look at the list of quests you’ll get to see in the game. Also, check out all the Harry Potter PlayStation games so far.