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How To Change Your Username In Steam

Are you bored with your username in Steam? Looking for some change? Read this article to learn how you can change your username on PC & Mobile.

When using Steam, you might come across the need to change your username. In this article, we will show you how to do so on both PC & Mobile.

How to Change Username in Steam?

If you want to learn how to change your Steam username on PC & Mobile, keep reading the steps below:

Changing Username on PC

  • If you use Steam on PC and want to change your username, you will have to follow these steps.
  • First, open the Steam application on your PC.
  • Once you do so, you will need to head to your Profile page.

profile steam

  • You should find this page right next to the Community tab. Your current username will be the title of this page.
  • Once you open the Profile page, you will need to go to the Edit Profile button. You will find it on the right side of your screen.

change username pc steam

  • Upon opening the Edit Profile button, you will be taken to an About page.
  • To the left, this page will have several tabs from where you will be able to change your profile preferences and settings.
  • To change the username, you will need to go to the General tab.
  • Here, you will find your current username.

new username steam

  • You can head to the text box and type in your desired username.
  • Once you do so, scroll down until you find the Save option.
  • Click on Save to apply all of your changes.

Changing Username on Mobile

  • To change your username on Mobile, read the steps below.
  • Open the Steam application on your mobile phone.
  • Once you do so, you will find three vertical lines on the upper left of your screen.
  • After you click on this icon, you will find a list of different options.
  • Scroll until you find the You & Friends option.
  • Clicking on this option will give you a drop-down menu.
  • You will find the Profile option here. Click on it.
  • Now, you will need to click on the Edit Profile button.
  • From here, you can enter your new username in the text box.
  • Once you enter your desired username, scroll down and click on Save Changes to apply all your changes.

This is how you can change your Steam username on Pc & Mobile. As you can see, this is a pretty simple process as long as you follow these steps.

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