How To Change Race In Blox Fruits (Race Guide)

Here's everything you need to know about how to change race in Blox Fruits.

There are a total of 6 races in the game, but only one of the other four is generated upon a player when they first join. If you are curious to know how to change your race in Blox Fruits, then this guide will help you out.

Cyborg and Ghoul can only be acquired by performing missions or other chores. Different races have different features in the game for example Mink race players have slightly higher speeds than players of any other races. Though it is said all the races have an equal chance of spawning upon player but amongst these only human is the most common race found in the game with a 50% chance of getting it while joining new.

How to Change Race in Blox Fruits?

Change Race in Roblox Blox Fruits

Races can be changed in the following ways:

  • Buying Race Reroll from Tort for 3000 Fragments is the most common way players prefer to change the race. The sole drawback to buying a Race Reroll is that you have an equal chance of getting any race (apart from Cyborgs and Ghouls, which cannot be gained through Reroll), meaning you have an equal chance of getting the race you already have.
  • Another way is to buy Race Reroll from the in-game store for 90 Robux.
  • Also, Blox Fruits often introduces events with new updates that can win you a Reroll after the completion of events.
  • Such an event of the past was Christmas event of Update 13 in which players could buy race Reroll from Magic Elf for 90 Candies.
  • Update 16 and 17 brought Halloween event and Christmas event were such events in which you could buy Race Reroll for 300 Bones or 100 Candies from Death King or Party Shop NPCs, respectively.
  • Hence, you can expect the upcoming Christmas update of Blox Fruits have a high chance of bringing back the Christmas event where you can buy Race Reroll from NCPs such as Party Shop in exchange for candies. Officially nothing is confirmed yet it’s just a theory when seen similar updates of the past.
  • If you want Cyborg or Ghoul buying Race Rerolls are useless. They can only be obtained by completing their quests.
  • For obtaining Cyborg you must complete the Cyborg Puzzle. To complete Cyborg Puzzle you must obtain Core Brain by completing an Order Raid with Fist of Darkness in your inventory.
  • Ghoul is obtained by purchasing the Ghoul race from Experimic NPC found in Cursed Ship in exchange for 100 Ectoplasm and the Hellfire Torch.

What is the Best Race in the game?

  • Mink is considered the best race of all because of Mink’s V3 Agility ability.

That’s all you need to know about changing races. Also, check out this guide on how to get confetti in Blox Fruits.