Street Fighter 6: How To Change Profile Titles

Profile Titles in Street Fighter 6 are a fun way to express your feats, so check out how to change them.

In the Battle Hub mode of Street Fighter 6, you can equip various Profile Titles, but the game doesn’t tell you how to change them. When you enter the Hub, you’ll meet an emcee called Eternity. He will take you over everything you can do in Battle Hub. However, there are certain features that he may miss out on. Players are confused about things like changing controls from Modern to Classic, Titles, and more. In this guide, we will tell you how to change Profile Titles in SF6.

How to Change Profile Titles in Street Fighter 6

Profile Titles in SF6
The Battle Hub mode in SF6 allows you to fight other players online and hang out with your friends. Here, other players can go through your profile, so having a good title can be a fun way to express yourself.

Players can change their Profile Titles in Street Fighter 6 in the Battle Mode hub mode’s Main Menu. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Character tab.
  2. Then, go to Update Character Settings.
  3. In this tab, go to Title Settings and select any title you’ve unlocked.
  4. Moreover, you can also change the “Here Comes the New Challenger” screen by going to Customize Challenges.

Apart from that, you can also tweak your profile by going to Battle Settings and then to the Fighter Profile. Here, you can change your profile’s background, comment, and pose.

To unlock new titles, you must complete certain feats or tasks. The conditions to unlock a title called “Longtime Poison Player”, you must link your Capcom ID. For every title, you must complete various “Unlock Conditions”. Then, you can equip it and it will feature on your ID.

That’s all from us on how to change Profile Titles in Street Fighter 6. While you’re here, check out how to perform a move called Drive Rush and EX Moves in our SF6 guides section.