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How To Easily Change Primary Gauntlet In Spellbreak?

If you're wondering how to change primary gauntlet in Spellbreak, here's how to do it. There are many other gauntlets that you can equip

How to change primary gauntlet in Spellbreak has been asked since the game was released and although you can equip a secondary gauntlet in the game, people are still wondering about changing the primary one. If you’re one of them and are wondering about how to do it, this guide will show you how to do it.

How To Change Primary Gauntlet In Spellbreak?


Well, to those who are looking to swap their primary gauntlet in Spellbreak this will be bad news as you cannot swap it. Your character and your element are merged with your gauntlet. However, if you want to change you can always equip another Gauntlet and dominate the battlefield.

Every character has an element that the entire personality is based on and these classes give you specific powers.

Below you can check out each character and what element they represent.


  • Frostborn – The first gauntlet will give you frost abilities.
  • Conduit – This character has a lightning gauntlet and abilities that match.
  • Pyromancer – Has a gauntlet with fire properties.
  • Toxicologist – With this character, you get a toxic gauntlet that you can use to slow and damage opponents.
  • Stoneshaper – Has the stone gauntlet that can literally reshape the battlefield.
  • Tempest – Harnesses the power of the wind with the same gauntlet and abilities.

While you still have a fixed primary gauntlet on you, you can always try on other gauntlets and see which works best according to your gameplay.

You can even change the position of your gauntlet to either hand if that’s what you’d like to check out. You can do that by opening Settings, then going over to the Gameplay section.


Once there find the Swap Gauntlet Slots and tick the box next to it, this will change the hand where your primary gauntlet is placed and you can add the secondary gauntlet to the other hand.

You can always call in a friend and try out different gauntlets and see which ones are best for you. The Duos Mode is available right now and you can check out how to use it right here.

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