How To Change Outfit And Costume In AC Mirage

Wondering how to customize Basim’s appearance? This guide will help you with the outfit and costume of Basim in AC Mirage.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, players take on the role of Basim Ibn Ishaq during his formative years as a young assassin in 9th century Baghdad. As Basim explores the bustling city and progresses through his assassin training, he will acquire a variety of new outfits and equipment to outfit himself with. But how exactly can you modify Basim’s look? We’ll explain how to change outfit and costume in AC Mirage.

Changing Appearance in AC Mirage (Outfit, Costume, Dye)

outfit and costume ac mirage

AC Mirage’s world offers players the ability to greatly customize Basim’s appearance through the use of different outfits, costumes, and dyes. With a variety of options available, you can tailor Basim’s look to your playstyle or personal preferences.

Outfits are the core clothing pieces that provide stat bonuses and abilities to benefit you in combat or stealth. Make sure to choose outfits strategically based on the challenges you expect to face. You can upgrade outfits at tailors to enhance their bonuses. In addition to outfits, costumes allow you to change Basim’s appearance without modifying outfit stats.

Note that: Outfits provide key bonuses and abilities but come with set stats. Costumes allow stat-less appearance changes. To alter an outfit’s look, you must find the appropriate dye.

Dyes are also an important tool for customization. Found from merchants or randomly in the city, dyes let you change the color of outfits. However, they are limited to specific outfits, with restricted color palettes automatically applied once equipped.

For example, the Gold Hidden Dye can only be used on the Hidden One outfit, changing its appearance in predefined gold colors and patterns. You cannot mix dye colors or apply one dye to different outfits like some games allow.

For the ultimate flexibility, experiment mixing outfits, costumes, and dyes together. This allows intricate control over not just Basim’s bonuses but also his visual customization.

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