How To Change Name In Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Do this to change the name or rename your Wizard and Witch character in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

As many new players are becoming part of Harry Potter Magic Awakened daily, finding untaken and good names becomes difficult. While setting your appearance, you also get to name your character, at that time, you might not have thought of a fresh and cool name and it later popped up in your head. Now, you don’t want to restart the experience just for a name, so use these steps and change your name in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

How to Rename or Change Character Name in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Rename In Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Changing the name is simple, you only need to go into the Character Info and tap on the Quill icon beside your name. Then enter the name and use Quill to rename it. But what is difficult is obtaining this Name-Changing Quill. One Name-Changing Quill costs 500 Gems.

Gems are one of the in-game currencies players grind for, as we need them for Mystery Wheel and Daily Items purchases. So we suggest only using Gems if you are sure about the name and are ready for such expense. If you are, then you can use this Fast Gems guide for Harry Potter Magic Awakened and accumulate the required amount in less time. After you have collected the mentioned amount of Gems, follow the steps and purchase Quill to change your name in the game.

  • Start your game and Enter Hogwarts.
  • Tap on the “Knapsack” option from the bottom right part of your screen.
  • Then select “Info“. It will take you to the character info card of Magic Awakened.
  • In this card, you will see a Name section with a Quill icon beside it. Tap on the Quill to launch the “Edit Name” box.

Name Changing Quill HP Magic Awakened

  • Type the name and press on the Quill. You will see the “Buy Name-Changing Quill” option. Purchase the Quill and use it to rename your Wizard or Witch in Magic Awakened.

That’s all you need to do to change your name or rename your character in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. If this guide was informative, check out our other HP Magic Awakened guides, like the how to Crossplay and Wands tier list.