How To Change Moves, Entrance And Victory In WWE 2K20

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WWE 2K20 brings an tons of customization from creating a completely unique player with different attributes to build a perfect wrestler. The game has lot of things to do and one of the settings you would love to check is changing the moves, entrance and victory. Through some settings you can change important aspects of WWE 2K20 like signature, finisher, taunt, entrance and victory.

To change moves, entrance and victor you have to go in MyPLAYER, there you will find a lot of options under different tabs. Our spot is Moves section where you can modify the below things.

How To Change Signatures In WWE 2K20

The signature section allows you to change signature moves, there are some predefined moves already added in this part of WWE 2K20. From here pick one of the signature move you will like to perform in the game. You can also see a live preview of every unlock signature in WWE 2K20.

How To Change Finishers In WWE 2K20

The final move to take down a wrestler in the ring, you can end the opponent with a Finisher move and claim your victory in the ring. The second option below Signature is Finishers, from here you can modify finisher move to give a unique end to the match.

How To Change Taunts In WWE 2K20

Taunts are necessary to regain stamina in the game, a ideal way to cheer up the ground and get back on your feet to fight back. The third option in the Move section of MyPLAYER will allow you to change Taunts.

How To Change Entrance In WWE 2K20

Well this will be your favorite, however it is an part of custscene but still it is enjoyable. You can pick the best entrance from this section of Move part of WWE 2K20. There will be list of various Entrances here, which many include a lot of different expressions.

How To Change Victory In WWE 2K20

The final way of telling the world you are a winner, you can change Victory expression in WWE 2K20 through the last option in Move section of MyPLAYER. There are multiple victory poses available, pick the one that suits you the best.

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