How To Change Overwatch 2 Main Menu Background

There is no denying that Overwatch 2 is all about fun when we enter a match. But the Main Menu screen, which we have seen thousands of times, has a cool background as well. I mean, there’s at least one Character Artwork that we want to remain fixed on the menu screen forever, right? What if I tell you that there is an actual way to do that? Well, thanks to a Steam User called SkyBorik, he has found a way to change Overwatch 2’s Main Menu Background. Here’s how.

Here’s How to Change Main Menu Background in Overwatch 2

Use these steps to change Overwatch 2’s menu background on both Steam and


  • First of all, go to your Steam Library and right-click on Overwatch 2.
  • Select Properties and go to the General tab.
How To Change Overwatch 2 Main Menu Background
  • Now, in the Launch Options text box, you will have to enter an Artwork’s Command Line (mentioned below).
  • Once you have entered a Command Line, close the Properties window and launch Overwatch 2.
  • Your Main Menu Background has now changed. Launcher

  • Launch launcher and go to your Library.
  • Navigate to Overwatch 2 and click on the Settings icon next to the ‘Play’ button.
How To Change Overwatch 2 Main Menu Background
Image Source: SkyBorik on Steam Community
  • Go to the Game Settings tab and check the “Additional command line arguments” box.
  • Enter the Command Line in the text box and you are done.

All Overwatch 2 Main Menu Background IDs & Codes

Use these Background IDs, otherwise known as Codes or Command Lines to change your Main Menu screen in Overwatch 2:

Zero Hour–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000EFB
Zeus Junker Queen–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000F4A
Shambali Monastery–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000f31
Winter Wonderland 2022–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000D77
Lunar New Year 2023–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000DAD
Kiriko Amaterasu–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001003
Kiriko Amaterasu Art–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001045
Antarctic Peninsula–lobbyMap=0x080000000000103D
Hanzo Cupid–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000B6B
Doomfist One Punch Man Collab–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000EED
Galactic Emperor Sigma–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001032
Starwatch Art–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001132
Questwatch Art–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001133
Summer Games–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000BCE
Gothenburg Mothership–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001104
Ana A-7000 Wargod–lobbyMap=0x08000000000010F2
Hanzo Onryo–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001150
Hanzo Onryo Art–lobbyMap=0x08000000000010AC
Lilith Moira–lobbyMap=0x080000000000115C
Overwatch World Cup–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000817
D.VA (Lunar Busan)–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000710
Overwatch League–lobbyMap=0x0800000000000864
Le Sserafim Collab–lobbyMap=0x080000000000117
Orisa Grand Beast–lobbyMap=0x0800000000001197
Winter Wonderland 2023–lobbyMap=0x08000000000011b4

That’s all you can do to change the Main Menu Background in Overwatch 2. Now it’s all fun even before starting a match.