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Can You Change Character In Far Cry 6?

Can you change your character & swap from male to female protagonist mid-way or later in the game? Does it impact the story ending? Find out!

Dani Rojas is the protagonist, the rebel, who aims to liberate the nation as a guerilla fighter. Now, you will be given the chance to choose one of the two identities of Dani Rojas, but can you change it later? Let’s find out.

Can you Change Character in Far Cry 6?


can i change character later in far cry 6

As soon as you view the first cinematic, you will be asked to choose the character you want to play as. Make sure to pick the character you want because it is impossible to swap genders later on in the game. This decision was understandable because it will surely affect the player’s immersion since the story that builds up is pretty intense and changing the character that you have started rooting for, can break the flow.

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Does your Choice Impact the Story and Ending?

The look and gender of your character in FC 6 is purely cosmetic and it alters nothing about the story or the gameplay. The storyline will be the same for both, so your choice will impact how your character looks in third person.

And yes, you read that right! You can switch to third-person mode in guerilla camps as well as some other combat scenarios. This will help you experience your character customization in a better way and feel the action even more. This is happening for the first time in the history of the series which is awesome.


So, back to the query which was – can you change your character in Far Cry 6? You can’t. If you chose the female Dani Rojas, you have to play as her unless you start a new game as the male Dani (and vice versa). But apart from cosmetic differences, neither has an upper hand on the other in terms of gameplay.

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