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What Is CFD Drain In MLB The Show 21?

Here, we've explained the meaning of the CFD Drain stat in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 is here and it’s packed with a lot of amazing Legends. Many new players have joined, there are a lot of technical terms that players may not be fully aware of while playing this realistic baseball game. So, if you are confused about CFD Drain in MLB The Show 21, I will explain everything you need to know. Find out how it can affect your gameplay and more.

MLB The Show 21 CFD Drain


What Is CFD Drain In MLB The Show 21

You may have seen (number)% CFD Drain near a pitcher while playing. So, what is this stat? It’s the confidence of the pitcher and it will get affected based on the player’s performance. If they are playing poorly then the confidence statistic will display the difference in confidence. MLB The Show 21 aims for a super realistic experience for players which is why this stat takes the gaming experience to another level.

So, if the player is under pressure and is faltering, the confidence stat will reduce. This will give you an additional challenge. On the other hand, when you do well, the stat will get a boost. Furthermore, the pitcher’s rapport with the teammates will also impact the CFD Drain in MLB The Show 21’s Road to the Show. So, the better the team spirit is, the confidence meter drain will be slower than normal due to your pitcher’s relationship with teammates.


This is how the stat influences your pitcher’s performance. Keep performing well to get a higher confidence level. With that you will get that extra lift when you are hitting corners. But if the player is struggling then they will have a tougher time hitting the spots.

I hope this clears out the meaning of this statistic in MLB The Show 21. If you want to know more details about the game and tips and tricks to boost your performance, our MLB 21 guides will help you out.