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Cemu Unable To Launch Game Fix (PC & Steam Deck)

Can't run your favorite Wii U games on your PC with Cemu? This fix will help you out.

Wii U had some of the best games in it like Super Mario Maker, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and more. And with the help of an emulator called Cemu, you can play these games on your PC. But when trying to play many players get the Unable to Launch Game error on Cemu and need a fix for it. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to solve it. So here is the fix for both PC and Steam Deck users.

Before checking the fixes below, this guide is only for educational purposes. We DO NOT support piracy, whether you are getting Game Keys or actual game files be sure to extract them from your own Wii U and its games.

How to Fix the Unable to Launch Game error on Cemu

fix cemu unable to launch game error

This error mostly shows up for two reasons, either you haven’t extracted your Game files correctly, or you didn’t add your Keys. And this reason is applicable regardless of whether you use Cemu on PC or Steam Deck. Here is how to fix them easily.

  • Add Keys: Each game title for Wii U has a key based on the region of the game. Using the instructions provided on the official Cemu page for extracting game keys, get the key for your game. Now paste this key in your Keys.txt file for Cemu. You can find the Keys.txt file in the location where you originally installed the emulator.
  • Check your ROM: There is a chance that you didn’t extract the ROM correctly and the final file may have gotten corrupted. Extract your game again and try using this new ROM and you shouldn’t face this issue again.
  • Update Cemu: While this shouldn’t really be much of a problem. You should try and keep your Cemu updated to the latest version. This will help prevent you from facing such errors.

That’s all you need to do to when you get the Unable to Launch Game error on Cemu. If you are interested in learning more about emulation then also check if you can play Legend of Zelda TOTK on PC and how to play Pokemon Sword & Shield on PC.