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Celi Lata Item and Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 3

On 3rd day of Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo Hilichurl event you will have to locate Celi Lata and move time to Unta Nunu.

If you are participating in the Mimi Tomo Hilichurl event of Genshin Impact, you will be tasked to talk to a Hilichurl at one point. You will come across the options of Celi Lata Item and Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 3. If you are clueless about what to do with it, here is a guide explaining the process.

What are Celi Lata Item and Unta Nunu Time?


Celi Lata

Now they are generally not friendly and you might have to fight one before you find the one that will be willing to talk to you. That too will come with a price. First of all, Hilichurls have their own language that is pretty alien to understand. The good part is that they do come with an instruction manual for their language. The bad part is that it is very open-ended.

When you interact with the Hilichurl, you will find out that he will want something in return. Even though you will have Ella Musk with you who is a linguistics expert, you will only get to the point where you figure out that the Hilichurl wants something that will help him sleep. The Hilichurl will ask for ‘Celi Lata’, which if you see the manual means any of the following: ‘fireflies, stars, or the moon’. Now during the conversation, Hilichurl mentions that it is not the moon that it wants.


What the Hilichurl really wants when it asks for Celi Lata Item is any glowing item. You can give it ‘Luminescent Spine’ or ‘Small Lamp Grass’. This is the glowing part of the firefly. Give him that and he will be happy and you will be done with the Celi Lata item. Then for the next pop-up, choose Tomo, valo option to continue with this quest.

For the second part, you will have to answer its question about ‘unta nunu‘ after it asks you to destroy a strong enemy. When you check the handbook, you will find that ‘Unta Nunu’ means late night. So basically you have to wait for this one out until late at night. Go to your left-hand menu and you will see a time icon. There just set the time anytime after midnight until 5 am.

So that is all there is to the Celi Lata Item and Unta Nunu Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 3. If you would like to know how to clear the Speech and Etiquette Challenge in the game, we have an article on that too if you would like to check out.