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How To Clear Speech And Etiquette Challenge In Genshin Impact?

This is how to clear the Genshin Impact Eula story quest's Aristocratic training of speech and etiquette.

Once you locate Eula in Mondstadt, she will agree to teach you the Lawrence clan customs. You will meet Eula in the plaza that is in front of the Cathedral. She will train you to be an Aristocratic and give you a few tasks to clear. So in this guide, we will tell you how to clear the Speech and Etiquette quest training for being an Aristocrat in Genshin Impact.

How to Clear the Speech and Etiquette Quest Training in Genshin Impact?


In the dialogue you have with her, she mentions that there are two aspects that need to be taken care of- your manner of speech and your bearing. She will give you a small demonstration for you to learn by talking to the locals around for practice. You will be able to say a few dialogues whilst at it. Then comes the bearing part. This Quest has two parts to it. She invites you to Draginspine.

Part 1 of the Aristocratic Training

Go to Dragonspine and Eula will give you a task to walk a path full of hurdles in the cold weather. The catch is that you do not have to take or launched in the air while traveling. You will have 120 seconds to reach the destination.


Genshin Impact Speech and Etiquette

Here, you will have 3 main obstacles. The wall barriers, the enemies that will attack you, and floating balls that have spine going from left to right and vice versa.

  • The wall Barriers will have a short opening on either side so you can choose to walk around them carefully but make sure you do not get launched. You can also break the wall barriers with a weapon of your choice as they are breakable.
  • As for the attacks, you need to make sure you either duck the attacks or kill the source of attacks. The attacks will be relatively less frequent so it should not be a problem. We would suggest you use any character with a shield active to save yourself from these attacks.
  • The moving balls will have to wait for the right time to cross. There will be three to four go9ing in alternate directions. As soon as one passes you, go forward and wait for the other to pass. Then keep moving forward in the same way.


Part 2 of the Training

For the second part of this training, you will have to activate a Ley Line Monolith that will attract nearby monsters. In this challenge, make sure you do not get launched or frozen while fighting. Use a fire weapon since the enemies will have ice and water-based abilities.

So that is all for our guide on Speech and Etiquette Quest in Genshin Impact. If you would like to know how to get and use dream solvent in Genshin Impact, check out our guide on that too.