How To Celebrate In Madden NFL 24

Find out how to celebrate in Madden NFL 24, including individual and team celebrations on the console and PC.

One fun aspect that returns in Madden 24 is the ability to celebrate when you score a touchdown or make a big play. Executing an epic celebration after reaching the end zone is a great way to rub a score in your opponent’s face or just express your joy. We’ll cover how to do celebrations with your players, the different celebration moves and animations available.

Celebration Controls for Console and PC in Madden 24

Madden NFL 24: How to Celebrate in Madden 24

With so many options for celebrating big plays in Madden 24, you’re sure to find a style that fits your personality. After touchdowns or interceptions, look for the prompt to celebrate and choose from Dance, Flex, Signature, Spike, Swagger or any other options.

Special celebrations allow you to bust out star players’ custom moves, like Justin Jefferson’s gritty dance or Kyler Murray’s meditation pose. Team celebrations get your teammates involved in the end zone party. You’ll see new dances as well as classics like spikes and flexing.

Individual Celebrations (Taunt, Showboat, Dance)

When your team has the ball, you can start a celebration by holding certain buttons on your controller. The special celebrations include showboat, taunt, dance, flex, signature, spike, and swagger.

  • If you’re a console player, you need to hold down L2+R2+X on the PlayStation controller or LT+RT+A on the Xbox controller.
  • You can use the “Left Shift, Left Control, and Space” key combination for PC.

Team Celebrations

When special celebrations become available after scoring in the game, you can choose which one to do by flicking the Right Stick in the direction that corresponds to the celebration you want. Your teammates may join the celebration even if you don’t select the Team celebration option.

If you trigger a celebration as you’re entering the end zone, your player will break out creative dance moves like the worm. Even better, nearby teammates will join in the end-zone antics if they’re close enough.

That’s all on how to celebrate in Madden 24. If you found this guide useful, you should check out our Madden 24 section for more such guides.