Can You Catch Shiny Tornadus In Pokemon GO & How?

This is what you should know about the Incarnate & Therian Formes of Shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO.

Tornadus is now available in raids in Pokemon GO and many players are interested in its Shiny form. This is a legendary flying Pokemon from the Unova region that is gen 5. And what is better than catching a legendary Pokemon? Catching a shiny version of it. So here is how you can catch Shiny Incarnate or Therian Tornadus in Pokemon GO.

Can you Catch Shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO?

can you catch shiny tornadus in pokemon go

Yes, the Shiny versions for both Incarnate Tornadus and Therian Tornadus are available in Pokemon GO. Unlike some other Pokemon like Gengar, Garchomp, or Glaceon. The shiny versions of both Tornadus are actually different and recognizable from their normal forms. In both formes of the Pokemon, the purple shade is replaced by a dark blue shade for Tornadus. Aside from that, its cloud, body, mustache, and eyes remain the same.

How to Get Shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO

You need to take part in Tornadus raid battles. Each time you successfully defeat the Tornadus, you will get an encounter with one, which will let you catch it. And there is a very rare chance that one of these rare encounters will spawn a Shiny version.

So in order to increase your chances of getting a Shiny Tornadus, you will have to participate in as many Tornadus Raids as you can.

Best Tornadus Counters to Use in Raids

Tornadus is a Flying-type Pokemon and as such there are 3 counters to it. You should use Electric, Ice, or Rock Pokemon whenever fighting any Forme of Tornadus. The best ones to use are:

  • Alolan form Golem
  • Electivire
  • Rhyperior
  • Aurorus
  • Glalie
  • Mamoswine
  • Glaceon

That covers this guide on whether there is Shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO and how to catch its Incarnate & Therian formes. If you found this guide useful and are interested in other topics for this game then don’t forget to check out our Pokemon GO guides.