Cat Prince Bully Boss Guide: Bowser’s Fury

Boss Guide for Cat Prince Bully in Bowser's Fury

Super Mario 3D World finally makes its debut on Switch with Bowser’s Fury as part of the package. With this update, players get a new set of missions to complete. These new missions come in the form of collecting Cat Shines to free the various Islands from the sticky tar that covers them. You will also come across various Boss Fights eventually culminating with you fighting a version of Bowser. One of these Boss Fights is that of Cat Prince Bully. This page acts as a Boss Guide to tell you everything you need to know about Cat Prince Bully.

Cat Prince Bully Boss Guide

Cat Prince Bully Boss Guide
Know more about Cat Prince Bully

While collecting Cat Shines in and around Lake Lapcat players will also come across various Boss Fights. The Boss Fights are actually easier than searching for the Cat Shines. Cat Prince Bully can be found on Mount Magmeow.

As with the overall game, it is feasible to come into this fight equipped with a cat bell item. This makes the fight even more of a breeze to get through. The arena where you face the Cat Prince Bully is kind of a hybrid of a pool table and a boxing ring. The main attack for you is to force the Cat Prince Bully into the pipes on the side. However, you have to dodge his two attacks, the Fireball and the Ram Attack.

Once you push the Cat Prince into the tubes he will come out of it as a small cylinder. You can attack him when he is pill-shaped to damage him. Doing this three times in total is enough to defeat him and you will be awarded a Cat Shine after this.

This is the complete Boss Guide for Cat Prince Bully. You can also read about How to use Amiibo or How to play online.