Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown: How To Carry More Amulets

Amulets provide you with additional boosts in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown and you might wonder how to carry more of them. Here’s everything you will need on this matter.

Sargon’s strength and abilities are important factors as you travel through the different parts of Mount Qaf in your quest to find Prince Ghassan. And since strength and abilities are concerned, players can get a much-needed boost via the Amulets. Each Amulet provides a different stat boost which is why players need to check their use before equipping them. However, you don’t get to equip many at the start, you will need to find a way to carry more Amulets in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown.

Amulets can increase damage output, reduce a certain type of incoming damage, and offer bonuses to Sargon. While finding Amulets is tough on its own, carrying more of them is a different task that has confused players. Our guide has covered everything you will need to increase the count of Amulets that you can equip.

How to Equip More Amulets In Prince of Persia the Lost Crown

How To Carry More Amulets In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown
Image Source: Ubisoft Entertainment

In order to equip more Amulets in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown, players will have to look for Amulet Holders. These can be found all over the map within the chests or you can get them for completing an objective. If players are willing to spend 250 Time Crystals, they can purchase an Amulet Holder from the Mage in Mount Qaf.

Amulets serve an important purpose in the game and as you progress, you’ll realize how difficult it is to complete the main storyline without those. While you get the most useful Amulets after defeating the bosses in the game, getting Amulet holders is completely different. You will have to explore the map and look for all the chests available to get them. After that, players can equip more Amulets at a Wak-Wak Tree.

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