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Remnant 2 Cargo Control Key: How To Get & Use

Here is a guide on how you can get one of the quest items, the Cargo Control key, and use it in Remnant 2.

Cargo Control Key is one of the secret quest items that players will come across in their terrifying campaign against evil in Remnant 2. Players can get and use the key to unlock one of the many handguns in the game, the MP60-R, a useful weapon in closed-ranged combat. Although players can miss out on such items because of their hidden location during their time in Remnant 2. And even after acquiring the key you may find it confusing as to where exactly to use it to unlock the handgun. Well if you are wondering the same, here is a guide you should check out further to know where you can find and use the key in-game.

How to Get Cargo Control Key in Remnant 2

find cargo control key in remnant 2

Players can find and get the Cargo Control Key from a locked chest inside Ford’s office in Remnant 2. Although players won’t be able to access the locked chest directly at the start of their campaign. After interacting with Ford early, he will tell you to find Wallace on the docks. Wallace will help you choose your class in the game. Once done, you can head back to interact with Ford again near the Ward gate. After which you will both set out to explore the old ward in the game. Here, he will hand you a Flashlight to use in dark areas. It is one of the important items you will acquire as the code to the locked chest is scribed under the Flashlight.

Once you have completed the walkthrough of the old ward and have progressed further in your campaign, head back to Ward 13 at your convenience. After which find Ford’s office in the world and look out for the locked chest to find the Cargo Control Key in Remnant 2. Players will then have to inspect the Flashlight given to them by Ford in the inventory. There you will see the numbers i.e. 0415 scribed under the item. You can then use the code to unlock the chest in-game.

How to Use the Cargo Control Key

use cargo control key in remnant 2

Players can use the Cargo Control Key to get the MP60-R handgun from a locked room in Remnant 2. You will have to travel and explore the Ward 13 world to find an area with cargo containers in it. After which you will head down until you come across a locked door in the area. Players can then use the key to unlock the door in the game. Inside the room, you will find the MP60-R handgun resting on the table and yours to take.

That’s everything covered on how to get & use Cargo Control Key in Remnant 2. If you are in search of other quest items then check out our guides on Plain Ribbon and Severed Hand, right here on Gamer Tweak.