Where to find a Car in Fortnite – The Taxi Challenge

Is there really a car in the game?

Epic Games is always ready to surprise Fortnite players  by bringing a music concert or challenges we had never seen before. One of the new hype is Fortnite Cars Event, a brand new update coming up soon in the game. Based on the leaks and rumors Fortnite will feature challenges where players will have to deliver passengers in a Taxi. A kind of Crazy Taxi Fornite Event is scheduled to release soon in the coming month.

Where to find Car in Fortnite?

There is a Taxi parked in Catty Corner of Fortnite. This car is not active and has no gas in it. But it is clear the car is placed intentionally which will have some kind of challenge linked to it. Rumors claim some have seen a Fortnite Taxi challenge through “some way” which is self-explanatory. If you heard or seen Crazy Taxi an attack racing android game, something like this is coming very soon in Fortnite.

Cars can provide players a new zone to race and attack each other. They can up-throw their opponents off the ground by shooting at them. This has been never seen in Fortnite before, from the date of launch the use of the vehicle is Fortnite was never planned. Gliding is the only way to travel far distances, for riding a car we need roads.

The only thing that confirms about having a car in Fortnite is the Taxi that is parked in Catty Corner. You can check this out and based on different leaks soon Epic Games will reveal the challenge to Fortnite players. Players can earn Stars by delivering passengers in Taxi, there are bonus stars around the world. First to collect the target number of stars wins the game and if you are knocked out you will re-spawn back in the Taxi. This sounds like a completely new racing mode in Fortnite.

For the first time the popular battle royale game will have a vehicle to drive. PUBG has implemented this feature from the start, players can grab and ride various vehicles in the game, but Fortnite has kept things restricted in terms of riding wheels, we can at-least ride a boat.

UPDATE AUG 8, 2020

Fortnite today announced Cars are coming in and tomorrow on Thursday their locations will be revealed. As the water recedes roads are available, using a car you can cover up longer distances which will be required to complete challenges. To drive a car walk near and interact with the vehicle. RT or R2 is for steering the car and LT or L2 is for brakes.

Based on some news sources there could be different types of cars in Fortnite. Like Small, Medium, and Large. The large car section will hold vehicles like Trucks with max health. You will require to refuel them and there will be fuel damage attached to the ride. Attacking the vehicle will lead to fuel leakage that will halt he vehicle completely after a certain spot. It is not clear whether they will be a Car repair service or feature also. We will be updating more about Fortnite Car Locations soon.