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Fortnite: Capture The Flag Codes (2023)

Here are some of the best Capture the Flag island codes that you should try in Fortnite.

You can use island codes to play Capture the Flag in Fortnite. Thanks to creative mode players can play many different games within Fortnite. And what better game than CTF. The objective of this game is simple you have to capture the enemy team’s flag and bring it to your base. And in this list, we have noted down some of the best maps that take this concept but still give you a new experience. So let us quickly check all the Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes.


Capture the Flag Codes for Fortnite

fortnite capture the flag codes

Here are some of the best and unique Capture the Flag Island codes for you to try in this game.

  • Fire VS Ice – Capture The Flag
    • 4430-5431-8460
  • Capture The Flag!
    • 7682-8965-8904
  • Table Top Warfare
    • 9018-0210-5304
  • The Passage: Reverse Capture The Flag
    • 8561-3698-9561
  • Cove 3v3 Domination
    • 0873-4939-1275
  • Capture The Flag: Pirate Edition
    • 0016-9668-7247

Let us learn more about them.


Fire Vs Ice – Capture The Flag

fire vs ice

Island Code: 4430-5431-8460


Plain maps are not of your style and need something with extreme conditions? Worry not the creator skttlz has you covered with their Fire Vs Ice map. One side of this map is covered completely in ice. While the other has tons of lava pits and volcanic lands. This map is sure to bring out heat to the competition, so don’t lose your cool. I will stop with the puns here but you should definitely give this map a try. The goal is to capture 5 flags from the enemy territory. And to spice things up these flags are guarded by giant monsters.

Capture The Flag!

capture the flag by plt


Island Code: 7682-8965-8904

If you are looking for something that even the official website of Epic Games themselves recommend. Then Capture the Flag! by creator PLT is for you. The rules are simple, you have to capture your enemy’s flag and bring it back to your base to win. The best part about this map is it supports player count as small as 2 all the way up to 16. Thus up to 16 players can have fun here.

Table Top Warfare

table top warfare

Island Code: 9018-0210-5304

While the above maps were epic and grandeur or one that supported many players, what if you want to play on something simple? Well if that is what you want then creator theslurp has you covered with their map Table Top Warfare. This map is a large table that has an arena made out of lego blocks. Or at least the building blocks have the appearance of lego blocks. The map in itself is pretty basic looking but well made with its reds and blues. If you grew up playing with building blocks then you should have fun with this map.

The Passage: Reverse Capture The Flag

the passage reverse ctf

Island Code: 8561-3698-9561

For the fans of Tron or anyone that likes the neon theme, this map is for you. The creator of this map is worrior54321. Unlike your usual CTF matches here you have to capture the flag and take it to the enemy’s base. Alternatively, if eliminating is your thing then doing that can also help do the trick. The goal is to either take the flag or slay your enemies to score points. And eventually, win the match.

Cove 3v3 Domination

cove 3v3 domination

Island Code: 0873-4939-1275

Tired of large maps because you only want to play with just a few friends? Worry not the creator esmeesays has you covered with their unique map. Cove is a 3v3 map that is more of capturing and holding the zone. But we can consider it to qualify under CTF. As mentioned you have to capture and hold the zone.

Capture The Flag: Pirate Edition – Fortnite

ctf pirate edition

Island Code: 0016-9668-7247

Can you even consider a Capture the Flag list complete without a Pirate map being in it? Thankfully creator u_got_knockd has one in such map for us. This is a Pirate-themed CTF that decides the winner based on score. You can play with up to 16 players in 4 teams. The first team to score 5 points in 7 rounds wins. This is one of the best CTF maps that you should definitely check out.

That covers this list of the best Capture the Flag (CTF) Island Codes for Fortnite. If you are looking for more creative islands then check out our guides on the best desert zone wars maps, and the best prop hunt codes.