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Capcom Vancouver Reportedly Wanted To Make A New Dino Crisis Game

According to recent reports, the brach in Capcom Vancouver, Canada, wanted to make a comeback of the Dino Crisis brand at the time. Unfortunately, the project did not receive the green light.

In recent years, fans have repeatedly campaigned for a new title of Dino Crisis series, and so far, unfortunately, they have not got any new game in the series.

As per the recent reports, however, not only the players wanted the series to make a comeback. As can be seen from a freshly released video by “Did You Know Gaming” at the bottom of this news, the developers of Capcom Vancouver, Canada also wanted to bring the series back and worked on a corresponding pitch over a period of several months.

Unfortunately, the game was not given a green light at that time. The comeback of Dino Crisis is said not to be the only project in which the developers at Capcom Vancouver were interested. In addition, the studio is said to have planned a spin-off to the Resident Evil series and a 2D title to Mega Man. But these projects were never realized for reasons not specified.

Capcom Vancouver office, which emerged from Blue Castle Games, was closed in 2018. The projects for which the Canadian studio was responsible included Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Dead Rising 3 and Dead Rising 4.

At the end of last year, we received some message that Capcom decided to renew the trademark rights to the Dino Crisis brand. Only time will tell whether the studio is planning to release a new game in the series or a Dino Crisis Reboot in the future.