Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Cellar Map Location

Need some mobs to farm for XP in Diablo 4? Cannibals Hold is the Cellar you should go to.

It is no surprise that many people choose to kill mobs to farm XP in this game. And several players are looking to find the Cannibals’ Hold Cellar location in Diablo 4. This is not only because cannibals are relatively some of the easier mobs to deal with. But there is a glitch that allows you to spawn infinite mobs. So here is its map location and how you can perform the glitch.

Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Location

Find Cannibals Hold in Diablo 4 Infinite Mob Spawn Glitch
Image Credit: Map Genie

Cannibals Hold is located in Dry Steppes. To be precise you can find it in Untamed Scarps, between the regions Temple of Rot and Qara Yisu. To get there:

  1. Fast Travel to the Jirandai waypoint.
  2. Go north from here and slightly to the east.
  3. You will reach Untamed Scarps in no time from here. In case you don’t have the Jirandai Waypoint unlocked then you can also get here by going northwest from the Qara-Yisu Waypoint. Or going south from The Onyx Watchtower waypoint and a bit to the west.

Tips to Clear Cannibals’ Hold Fast

When you enter Cannibals Hold two things can happen either you will find only Mobs or there could be an event going on. If there are just Cannibals.

  • Use your Ultimate Upon entering: This will start the cooldown and you will get to use another Ultimate once it gets ready. And it should help you clear the Cellar faster.
  • Use Elixir of Man-Slaying: This will not only increase your damage against Cannibals by 20%. But also gives you an additional 5% XP for the next 30 minutes.

Depending on the Event you will have to clear the Cellar accordingly. For example, in a Last Stand event, you need to survive the wave of enemies.

Diablo 4 Cannibals’ Hold Infinite XP Glitch

Before checking out the steps, be wary since this is a glitch, exploiting it might lead to Blizzard banning your account or inflicting other forms of penalties. But if you don’t mind risking it then here is how the glitch works.

  1. Go to the Cannibals’ Hold Cellar.
  2. Check if the Event it has is a Hostage Event.
    • If it isn’t, then exit the cellar and restart the game to try and reset it until you get the event.
  3. Clear most of the enemies but group up a few and wait for the timer to nearly end.
  4. In the last few seconds kill the rest of the enemies when the timer is just about to hit or hits 0.

If the glitch is performed correctly you will have an infinite spawn of Mobs while still spawning the Chest. Claim your chest rewards and farm the enemies to your heart’s content.

This glitch isn’t exactly restricted to Cannibals’ Hold and works on any cellar that has a Hostage event ongoing. Thanks to RoyalkubsTV on YouTube for sharing how this glitch works. You can check out their video below.

That’s all you need to do to find the Cannibals’ Hold in this game. Also, check out our Diablo 4 section to get help on more topics for this game.