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Refund Diablo 4: How To Cancel Pre-Order

Want to cancel your Diablo 4 pre-order and get a refund? Here are simple steps to do it.

Diablo 4 has mixed reviews since the beta release, with many players trying to cancel their pre-order and get a refund. The game faced many issues like multiple error codes, long queues, and glitches. Apart from technical issues, many players are not excited about the in-game content as well. If you too are one of them, then here’s how to refund Diablo 4 early access.

How to Refund Diablo 4 Early Access Pre-Order on PC

To cancel your Diablo 4 pre-order and get a refund for early access:

  1. Go to the Blizzard Support website for Diablo 4.Diablo 4 get refund step 1
  2. Make sure you’ve selected Diablo IV and payments to Refunds.
  3. Click on the Continue button under the third step.
  4. Wait for the site to process your request and redirect you to the order selection page.Cancel Diablo 4 pre-order step 2
  5. Choose the Diablo 4 version that you’ve pre-ordered and click on the “Select Order” button. Make sure that the payment method and the amount are correct.Select reason step 3 to refund Diablo 4
  6. On the next page, select the reason you want to cancel the pre-order.
  7. Click on the “Request Refund” button and you’ll receive a confirmation mail.

If you meet Blizzard’s basic refund policy requirements, then you’ll receive the refund amount. In case the automated system does not refund your money, then you can drop a ticket to Blizzard’s GM (Game Master). They will review your request manually and check if it qualifies.

There are several reasons why one might want to cancel the pre-order. It has several glitches and error codes. The game sometimes crashes and stutters. And according to some, the game is good but simply not good enough for its price. The major in-game issues faced by players are information overload, boring items, scarcity of gold, and weird aspects mechanisms. The quest progress did not save for players who weren’t the lead. Skills weren’t interesting and Classes seem off balance. With the beta release, many players got to experience all these problems. So they are waiting for the game’s price to go down before they purchase it.

We hope this helps you cancel your Diablo 4 pre-order and get a refund. If you are planning to get the game nevertheless, make sure you check out our Diablo IV guides section for helpful guides like the best PC settings.