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Lost Ark Calventus Mechanics Guardian Raids Guide

All you need to know about mechanics for Calventus in the Lost Ark Guardian Raids.

Calventus is a Guardian that you will need to battle in the Lost Ark Raids endgame content, and he boasts of certain special mechanics. These mechanics affect how he challenges his enemies (you, the player). Because of this, it is important to learn all you can about his mechanics in the game, and this guide will do exactly just that.

Lost Ark Calventus Mechanics Guide – Guardian Raids



Calventus’ main attack mechanics are him trying to grab the black orbs that you hurl at him. His doing so is a sign of defense as he tries to protect himself from any danger. You will be able to tell when he summons these orbs with the help of a black energy orb on his back. Upon getting a large number of these black orbs, he will get enraged.

Once Calventus gets enraged, you will notice that he begins to perform his abilities and mechanics in a much quicker, more aggressive manner. In such a situation, we recommend you delegate the role of taking care of the orbs to one player from your team.


One of Calventus’ biggest attacks is when he rises into the air and then shoots several black energies at once. On top of this, another attack involves Calventus flying into the air and disappearing. Once he does so, he immediately swoops down.

This latter attack is relatively easy because you can spot approximately where he will land. This effectively allows you to move out of the way.

As a bonus tip, we also recommend you especially stay away from the Calventus’ mouth. This is because of his ability to summon and spew energy out of his mouth.


So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the Calventus mechanics in Lost Ark’s Guardian Raids. As you can see, preparing yourself for battle in advance can go miles in helping ensure victory.

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