How To Complete Sins Of The Father Intel Mission In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Complete this week's intel mission.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 brings an all-new set of intel missions along with weekly missions. These intel missions help us understand the gameplay and story of Verdansk. The third week’s intel mission is Sins of the Father. In this mission, Zakhaev a character from the game completes a task that his father has begun. The mission tasks you with finding six locations in the game. Here are all Call of Duty: Warzone Sins of the Father Intel Mission Locations.

All Sins of the Father Intel Mission Locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

Location 1

The first golden coin is located on the topmost point of the Gulag Prison, which is to the Southeast on the map. Since its the top of the prison, it is easy to get there in the first half of the game. Once you find the coin, interact with it, and collect it to complete the first intel objective and get 2,500 XP.

Location 2

The second intel objective reads, “A CCTV near metro exits may have spotted something…” And as the name suggests, it wants you to check cameras near the metro station in Verdansk’s airport. To the south of the airport and across the street from three hangers is an apartment building. Attached to this apartment building is the camera you need to check. Interact with this camera and complete the second objective to get 5,000 XP.

Location 3

The location of the third Sins of the Father intel mission in Call of Duty: Warzone is in the Atlas Superstore. You will find a sleeping bag and a teddy bear on a shelf in the superstore. Now interact with the teddy to get the third intel of the mission. This intel grants you 5,000 XP.

Location 4

This intel is within a truck that is located in the parking lot of the stadium. The stadium is located in almost the center of the Verdansk. Find the truck and interact with it to get the fourth intel and also the 5,000 XP that it rewards.

Location 5

The name of the fifth intel objective is Hardware was delivered to Suite 320. Entry requires an access code… And the name itself pretty clearly states that it is interconnected with another sidequest, Stadium Access Card Request. This is again located in the Verdansk stadium inside a suite. Enter the suite and interact with intel locations therein to get the fifth intel and 5,000 XP.

Location 6

Sixth Sins of the Father intel mission in Call of Duty: Warzone location is in the parking garage of the stadium. Get the P2-16 Access Card from the stadium and open parking garage. Get into the garage and interact with the computer there to get the final intel, and not to forget the 5,000 XP.

Now you know all Call of Duty: Warzone Sins of the Father intel mission locations, so get going and complete the third week’s mission. Apart from the intel missions, you also need to complete the normal weekly missions in Warzone. For that, you need to learn various survival tactics such as long throwing C4 explosives or survive the gas in Call of Duty: Warzone.