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Call of Duty: Vanguard One-Week Free Access

In Classified Arms, the third season for Call of Duty: Vanguard, global Nebula attacks continues to threaten the balance of power

Play Vanguard Multiplayer for free during the week of May 18 through May 24 Access all maps and modes, including the new Mayhem Multiplayer map, Arms Race, Ship Haus, and more.

In Classified Arms, the third season for Call of Duty: Vanguard, global Nebula attacks continues to threaten the balance of power. We need all the help we can get to turn the tide back in our favour.

Invite your friends and family to gear up and deploy during the one-week Free Access period beginning May 18 through 9 AM Pacific Time on May 24. Enjoy the entire Vanguard Multiplayer experience with all maps and modes open to Free Access players, including the Season Three launch map, Mayhem. Read on for the highlights.

Roll the Camera in Mayhem

Call of Duty Classified Arms

Stomp around a 1950s monster movie set in the new Mayhem Multiplayer map. Despite the map’s tiny layout, you’ll feel absolutely gargantuan as you battle through a small-scale replica of a metropolis. Fight among the skyscrapers in the centre of the map, surrounded by an outer path where you can traverse an ocean or move off-set.

Bring fast reflexes and a Trophy System. The fighting here is constant, and the added defence will keep you focused on your targets as opposed to dodging enemy grenades. Visit our Mayhem Multiplayer map guide for a full description, suggested Loadouts, and tips for surviving the chaos.

Lay Siege Across the Alps in Arms Race

Call of Duty Classified Arms

Free Access players can also compete in Arms Race, the large-map objective mode first introduced in Season Two. Your goal: Capture all the bases to win.

Operators can respawn at captured bases and can access Buy Stations to beef up their toolset with additional armaments and abilities. Earn Cash by capturing objectives or collecting it off eliminated players to purchase weapons, equipment, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, or even your own Custom Loadout.

Use vehicles to travel fast between bases, transport friendly Operators, and lay siege to enemy fortifications. Don’t forget to defend your own territory when out on the attack, and get to the Nebula drops first to retain the upper hand. The team that best coordinates its efforts between attack and defence will often win the day.

Classic Hits: Dome, Castle, Radar, and More

Call of Duty Classified Arms

With full entry to the Multiplayer experience, Free Access players can also duke it out across Call of Duty classics like Dome, Castle, Radar, and Shipment. Play the way you want with small-map Playlists like Ship Haus, which features constant battle, or set your own parameters using the Quick Play filter.

Vanguard Multiplayer Free Access begins on May 18 and ends on May 24. An additional download is required to play. See your platform for details on file size.